Why choose the Inspiring Travel Company?

We've built our reputation on delivering exceptional, tailor-made holidays and travel experiences to incredible hotels and resorts in some of the world's most desirable destinations.

All of this backed by informed Travel Specialists and support teams.

To have gathered this knowledge has taken us over four decades and countless miles travelled. We believe that the first-hand information at our fingertips and the relationships we've forged with key suppliers is a priceless asset when creating bespoke travel experiences.

We don't simply book a few hotels and flights, or throw together a package deal; we create travel experiences. And when we say 'create', we genuinely mean crafting unique trips that match every individual wish or whim of our clients. We don't rest at finding them just the perfect hotel location, the most adventurous safari, or the liveliest nightspot to dance into the night; we ensure every detail - from their preferred airline to their favourite drink waiting in their room on arrival - is met.

We've scoured the world for interesting angles on some of the most dramatic, beautiful and exotic places you're ever likely to visit. From the wild horses of the mid-west to the ancient ruins of South America, from the graceful tigers of India to a beautiful sunset in the Caribbean, our travel experiences have it all.

Whether you want to shop 'til you drop or relax like you've never relaxed before, our Inspiring Travel Specialists know the best possible way to indulge you, your family, or your friends to provide you with the best luxury holiday.

Team this with our ATOL and ABTA protection, an amazing Product team behind the scenes who ensure we always offer you the very best rates and exclusive offers, and of course a 24/7 emergency number 'just in case'; and you have all you need to rest assured that your travel arrangements are in safe hands.

Our Values

To provide you with the best service and to cultivate a productive and happy working environment for our team, we operate on three key guiding principles.

1 - We are respectful
Working with people is a huge part of what we do, and we know that doing it well means always treating our colleagues and clients with respect. To us this means making sure we are efficient, quick to respond and happy to help at all times.

2 - We take responsibility
In order to excel, it’s important to be dependable and responsible for our actions. So, the answer is never no, it is always yes, and how can we make it happen.

3 - We care
Most of all, at the Inspiring Travel Company we pride ourselves on caring. Our great attention to detail and positivity comes from a passion for travel and a genuine enjoyment of delivering incredible travel experiences.

That’s our commitment to you.


From our personal experience, we strongly believe that booking with a reputable tour operator brings a number of important benefits that may not be immediately obvious, so we have created an 7-step guide to help you understand the benefits of booking with the Inspiring Travel Company:

1. We listen to your needs.

TripAdvisor and similar sites offer lots of personal insight but their guidance can be highly subjective. With over 40 years of expertise, our team of luxury travel specialists know that everyone has different needs and preferences for their perfect holiday. We never sell what we haven't seen and if it isn't right for you, we won't recommend it!

2. We're here to help when things go wrong.

We believe the real value of a tour operator is evident when there's a crisis; whether that be volcanic ash or even just a flight schedule change. Our 24-hour emergency team provide round the clock assistance and a genuine fast track to getting problems solved, which means that you're not just at the mercy of the 'customer service' desk at the airport!

3. We have a team of true travel experts

Actually, 'experts' is too vague a term for people who live and breathe these amazing destinations!

These people have spent years falling in love with travel before turning their passion into their profession; meaning they can make personal recommendations, provide first-hand insight and offer top tips. This means your travel experience with us will be put together by someone who knows every nook, every cranny and every five-star restaurant, remote beachside shack or temple tour that will make your trip extra special.

4. We explain when an offer is really an 'offer'.

Each hotel can have dozens of offers – some combinable, some tactical, and some year-round. We know the difference and will always find the best offers for you and these will always be our best price.

5. We offer added value.

Because of our strong relationships with our hotels, we make sure you benefit from the best available rooms on check-in and where available, exclusive added value offers that you may not get by booking directly with the hotel.

6. We offer true flexibility.

We are an independent business, so we can do things that other, larger operators can't, or often won't. So if you need to make changes to your booking, we'll move heaven and earth to help you.

7. We won't tie up your funds.

When you book flights and hotels online, they're usually non-refundable which means you have to pay the full balance immediately. When booking with us you can normally expect to pay a 10% deposit and the final balance eight weeks before departure.

We know what you're thinking, ‘don't all tour operators follow these things?’. The answer is yes, they should, as this is industry best practice; but often some fall short of the mark.

At the Inspiring Travel Company, these eight principles are at the core of what we do, and it's why we're in business. We work towards them every day to ensure we differentiate ourselves in the world of tour operating, standing out from the rest of the crowd as 'the' operator to trust, because our personality is driven by our four core values: passion, inspiration, genuine and excellence. Individually these values have an effect but united they create the ultimate experience you dream of when looking for that all-important time away.

We don't follow trends, we set them!