Ben - Travel Specialist


Travel Specialist at the Inspiring Travel Company

I first went backpacking when I was 18 years old and I’ve been in love with travel ever since. After many varied jobs around the world I naturally landed in the travel industry over 12 years ago and have worked for much of those years in the luxury market.

I love travel as I truly believe that there is no other experience that can broaden your mind as much as travelling the world! It exposes you to different cultures and people, and helps you learn about both the world and yourself. I love sharing my travel adventures to inspire other people to travel.

I have so many stand out travel moments but the mystical power of a sunrise in India is hard to beat. I have watched the sun rise from the open carriage of a train traversing through the misty Western Ghats and from a tiny boat floating down the Ganges in Varanasi with incense mingling in the air, but few things in this world can compare to the wonder and serenity of seeing the majestic Taj Mahal at sunrise.

Favourite destination: India

India has something for everybody! It has oceans, deserts and even the largest mountain range on earth. It’s home to spectacular wildlife and some of Asia’s most unique hotels. India also has an incredible culture and a truly fascinating history - there is nowhere else quite like it. Prepare for a lesser sense of self and a pure sensory overload as you explore the vibrant cities, stunning countryside and beautiful ancient monuments found in this fabulous country.

Favourite hotel: Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita

From the moment you arrive in this inspirational resort it becomes clear that the Anahita is exceptional in terms of design and service. Typically Mauritian and surrounded by lush green mountains, it provides a subtle understated service that takes away all the thinking for you, allowing you to relax from the moment you arrive. With even the lower range rooms coming with private plunge pools, this is a fabulous way to experience pure luxury on Mauritius’ east coast. While the majority of beaches in Mauritius are open to the public, Anahita’s unique out of the way location means the only interruptions you’ll experience on the beaches here is the attentive staff cleaning your sunglasses or offering complimentary ice creams. Don’t miss the chance to dine at the wonderful Beau Champ restaurant here and make sure the staff show you the amazing bread and pastry room at breakfast time!

Service Commitment 

I’m friendly, knowledgeable and professional, I believe that every client deserves the absolute best and I go out of my way to exceed your expectations at every turn. I have travelled for many years all across the globe and have an excellent knowledge bank to draw on. I really love talking to people about exciting luxury destinations or even travel in general and obtain huge satisfaction from creating the perfect holiday for my client. I also understand that the best trips sometimes take a bit of time to get exactly right.

Top Tips for Travellers

• Travel with an open mind – you’ll be incredibly rewarded.
• Avon skin so soft! It’s not medically proven but I find it really helps with mosquitoes. Prevention is always better than the cure but at least this leaves your skin feeling and smelling nice.
• Relevant literary accompaniments – I always like to research local writers and novels set in the area that I’m visiting. It can often be a really insightful way to find out more about the local area and its history. You’ll often discover things that won’t be anywhere in the guide books!