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Travel Specialist at the Inspiring Travel Company

About Me

To me, travel is like electricity ~ it makes me feel alive. Throughout my life and career, I have visited many amazing destinations. The thrill of the journey and discovering a new destination really is addictive ~ every time I travel I wish my journey could be endless.

Favourite Places

The Caribbean is my No. 1 playground ~ its like medicine to me ~ as soon as I step off the aircraft a smile spreads across my face ~ this destinations really ticks all the boxes.

Sri Lanka ~ I travelled here for our amazing cricket tour & I fell in love with the endless sandy beaches, smiley people & stunning scenery. The cricket result wasn't a highlight though!

Travel Tips

  • Share your experiences with friends ~ you can never have enough knowledge & ideas when it comes to planning your holiday.
  • Explore your chosen destination & absorb the local culture.

Where have you travelled to either on holiday or business?

Barbados St Lucia Antigua Jamaica
Grand Cayman Bahamas Tobago Mexico
New York Chicago Las Vegas China
Hong Kong Sri Lanka Vietnam Dubai
Oman Marrakech Mauritius St Kitts & Nevis
St Vincents & Grenadines   The British Virgin Islands  



"Emma, as you know, I missed the beginning of the cruise because of serious family illness, and then, on our last day, had the shocking news that one of my best friends had passed away. I think that if we had been travelling with any other company I probably would remember nothing about the holiday except for these personal disasters, indeed I might never have got to meet SeaDream in Barbados at all. Fortunately, because of the quiet but brilliant efficiency of your company, not to mention the individual kindnesses of ITC staff and the SeaDream crew, what I will also remember about this holiday is how marvellous it feels to have everything looked after by people who really care about providing an exemplary service to their clients.

After experiencing the absolute brilliance of the SeaDream crew I simply can't express how much I appreciated how ITC sorted out every problem we experienced during this trip. It seemed that we only had to ask for something and it was instantly done, from booking me a new flight to recovering my favourite sweater from a taxi. Of course, other companies could probably have done these things too, but there was something in the way that you did it which was the intangible x in the equation. Just so lovely.

So...of course this means that we can never travel with any other company but ITC again! Well, now we know what the best feels like how could we accept less?"

Rachel Whittaker, Client

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