Sharon - Sales Team


Travel Specialist at the Inspiring Travel Company

About Me

I started out working in Foreign Exchange but a day trip to  a Christmas market in Frankfurt opened up a whole new world to me, knowing that I could be so 'far away' culturally but still so close to home gave me a hunger for more - I was hooked, so I made my move to a career in selling travel.

Since then I have travelled to Mauritius, Maldives, Seychelles, Dubai, Majorca, Portugal, Crete, Tenerife, Barbados, Antigua, Anguilla, St. Barths, Nevis, British Virgin Islands, St. Lucia, Bermuda, Grenada, Florida, Thailand, Menorca, Ibiza, Portugal, Turkey, Tunisia, Italy and Spain and you know what, that hunger remains as strong as ever!

Favourite Places

My favourite destination has to be the Caribbean, specifically Barbados because there is so much variety in just one island - the contrast between the sophisticated west coast to the lively and sociable south coast to the deserted, raw east coast sums it up perfectly.

However, my favourite hotel is Soneva Fushi, found in the beautiful and spectacular Maldives.  Its a truly luxurious spot where it's impossible not to relax and unwind with picture perfect secluded beaches, impeccable, yet warm service, spacious suites with truly breathtaking views and simply gorgeous oversized canopy daybeds to while away happy hours doing absolutely nothing - paradise!

Travel Tips

  • Take at least one day of your holiday (if not more) to explore your destination and meet the people'  After all, life is for living and there's so much to experience and enjoy. 
  • Some of the most memorable excursions can be a helicopter ride, quad biking, dune riding or watching baby turtle hatch under the stars in Barbados so always ensure you test out additional excursions

Where have travelled to either on business or on holiday?

Antigua Barbados Anguilla St Barths
St Kitts Grenada St Lucia Bermuda
Portugal Crete Majorca Tenerife
Dubai Mauritius Maldives Seychelles
Florida  New York Dominican Republic  British Virgin Islands