Alexis Sharples

Director of Marketing at the Inspiring Travel Company

Alexis Sharples - Director of Marketing

From a very young age I knew travel was going to be in my blood and was a career I wanted to pursue. I have always been fascinated with the world and its various cultures, so when I became a member of the ITC family in 2007 I was embarking on an exciting path that over the years has only got better!

Starting in the e-commerce team before branching out to the marketing and product departments, I have been extremely lucky to have travelled to some amazing places, but the thing that keeps me loving my role more than anything is the people I work with – not just my team and colleagues but the suppliers, partners and associates that help create a brand that I can often be heard saying ‘sets the trend, not follows it’!

In my time here we have received numerous industry accolades which creates immense pride for the company; but the best thing is, I can say I helped to create it – and there is no better reward than that!