Sarah Roberts

Director of Inspiring Travel Company at the Inspiring Travel Company

Sarah Roberts | Director of Inspiring Travel Company

I never dreamed I would wake up day after day, year after year, loving my job as much as I do. I started in our sports department, before moving over to manage our high-street travel agency, Deva Travel, for three years, before then moving back to HQ as Head of Sales.

Working in travel has opened my eyes to so many beautiful places around the world, collecting stamps and visas everywhere I go. My favourite place has got to be New York; I got engaged in Central Park which has made this vibrant city even more special to me. Iceland, India, Italy, Bali, Vietnam and Cambodia quickly follow in my top 10 destinations. I always make time to people watch, and I advise all visitors to cities not to forget to look up – sometimes the best sights are above eye level. My plan for the next couple of years is to focus travelling around Europe, particularly Italy as I’m in love with their food and wine!