5 Reasons Celebrities go to Amilla Fushi

Inspiring Travel Company | 13 Aug, 2019

The Maldives is a destination that’s synonymous with pure luxury.

So it’s no surprise that their shimmering shores have attracted more than their fair share of A-listers. And no Maldivian island is more star-studded than Amilla Fushi.

Since opening in 2015, Amilla Fushi Resort has disrupted the status-quo and modernised the traditional concept of a luxury island holiday.

With its slick, modern architecture, and all-encompassing attention to detail, the resort has become the holiday destination of choice for the likes of Kate Winslet, who has called this island her favourite place. Other celebrities include:

  • Leonardo DiCaprio,
  • Victoria and David Beckham,
  • Kate Moss,
  • Paris Hilton, and
  • Gordon Ramsey

Indeed, Gordon Ramsey fell so deeply in love with Amilla Fushi that he brought a pop-up version of his Bread Street Kitchen restaurant to the island.

So, what is it that makes Amilla Fushi such a desirable destination for some of the most famous faces on the planet? 

1) Alluring Aesthetic

Amilla Fushi’s futuristic design, with its striking minimalism and slick, clean lines is a contemporary departure from the barefoot Robinson Crusoe aesthetic that is usually found on luxury Maldivian islands and results in a resort that wouldn’t look out of place in Miami or St Tropez. Amilla Fushi Resort makes every moment look meticulously curated for a special photoshoot – perfect for Instagram and keeping fans up to date with (and jealous of!) your time in paradise.

As Amilla Fushi Maldives is located in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Baa Atoll, the island is steeped in natural beauty, with luscious forests, soft sands, and sapphire waters. The island resort feels like a private escape, completely disconnected from the rest of the world, providing respite from the flashing lights and trappings of stardom.


Amilla Fushi Beach House

Amilla Fushi Beach House

2) Luxurious Lodging

The accommodation adds to this aesthetic as well. Amilla Fushi translates to ‘My Island Home’, apt considering the accommodation exclusively comprises modern and minimalist white-washed ‘houses’, each with its own private pool. Ranging from one-bedroom properties overlooking the lagoon, to four to eight-bedroom residences right on the beautiful beach, expect sleek white interiors, luxurious furnishings and indulgent Aesop bath products. The residences – graced by the likes of Kate Moss – include huge pools, fitness equipment, a private chef and your own beach buggy and bikes for exploring.

The minimalist accommodation at Amilla Fushi is rested on stilts over the azure ocean, or up high amongst the tops of the coconut trees - giving an atmosphere of privacy and remoteness, while also providing top-of-the-range amenities to create a home-away-from-home that is particularly appealing to the rich and famous.

On the roof deck of each stunning villa, you will find a state-of-the-art bubble dome perching luxuriously next to a private pool. Domes are fully stocked with blankets, a bed, ice-cold champagne, and a telescope - everything you need to settle in for a night of stargazing or a private ‘glamping’ experience. And with a private chef and butler available at all hours of the day, visitors have the freedom to focus on unwinding from their busy lives. 

3) Wellness Wonderland

Health and wellness was clearly a priority for those designing Amilla Fushi Resort. As with most Maldivian resorts every watersports activity you could possibly imagine is available, but true to form, Amilla Fushi goes far beyond the norm. The luscious forests and golden sands harbour a host of world-class facilities including a state-of-the-art gym, secluded football pitch and tennis court, and there is even a UFC gym found just a short distance away on sister resort Finolhu – allowing guests to continue their regular health and fitness routines without breaking stride.

Celebrity guests are often found relaxing in the award-winning Javvu Spa – a peaceful wellness facility found on its own exclusive part of the island. Another unmissable ‘hideaway’ experience is the incredible yoga sessions that take place on remote islands just off the coast. Being surrounded by beautiful ocean and breathing in the fresh sea air is the ultimate respite from a high-octane life. 

It's not just wellness exercises at Amilla Fushi. There are a whole host of activities.  Indulge in wine and cheese tasting at The Cellar Door, an impressive wine bar boasting a choice of 8,000 bottles! Taste vintage labels alongside artisan cheese and wild honeycomb, or enjoy a private wine dinner by candlelight. The resort also hosts a number of themed nights – from caviar tasting to steak evenings. The dedicated Maldivian night, meanwhile, showcases authentic cuisine and incredible entertainment of this vibrant nation.

Embrace your Indian Ocean surroundings and embark Sloop John B, an impressive Dhoni boat, ready for a private cruise around the atolls. A handcrafted, traditional exterior leads into an ultra-luxurious interior – complete with flat screen televisions, a state-of-the-art sound system, and (of course!) your own personal butler.

Yoga at Amilla Fushi

Yoga at Amilla Fushi

4) Fantastic Food

The ‘Baazaar’ at Amilla Fushi is a unique dining concept offering a choice of small restaurants in a variety of cuisines – allowing guests to feel like they’re dining in a different country every night and giving a culinary freedom that they might not be able to experience in their everyday life. 

Perfect for if your group each fancy something different for dinner, you can sample grilled meat from Barolo Grill, someone else can have good old British fish and chips, another can indulge in Asian-fusion delights from Wok, and the kids can enjoy wood-fired delights from Joe’s Pizza – while all sitting together! The laid-back Bazaar Bar serves international cuisine beside the swimming pool, while Fresh is the place to head for a variety of delicious breakfast delights – from omelettes and pancakes to Asian, Arabic and Maldivian delicacies!

For a more elegant evening of dining, Feeling Koi is a sleek overwater Japanese eatery that comprises dramatic theatre kitchens, serving an array of delicious sushi, tempuras and noodles. The tunes of a DJ provide a vibrant atmosphere, while the dedicated champagne and caviar bar showcases a selection of exquisite labels.

The 10AK lounge also sits above the velvet-blue lagoon, the perfect spot for a sundowner cocktail, bottle of fizz, or a post-dinner whiskey.

For a more formal, intimate affair, there are options for private dining on the beach, in one of many beautiful gardens, or on the water with the waves breaking gently around you. Destination dining offers even more privacy and is designed to make guests feel as if they are the only people on the planet – a feeling that can be hard to achieve when you are usually flanked by a security team or surrounded by adoring fans.

Dining on the beach at Amilla Fushi

Fancy dining on the beach? 

5) Ecological Excellence

Amilla Fushi has partnered with ‘Parley for the Oceans’, an organisation addressing major threats towards our oceans, the most important ecosystem on the planet. The resort has boycotted single-use plastics and plastic bottles and has instead switched to reusable glass bottles, as well as limiting plastic usage throughout the resort.

With such a phenomenal variety of natural life on and around Amilla Fushi, it is no surprise that conservation has become a priority. The same can be said for a number of celebrities, like Leonardo DiCaprio, that have used their platform to argue for ecological preservation.

Because of this, A-listers flock to the island to contribute to conservation and escape into comfort, elegance, and class. 

Diving at Amillia Fushi

Diving into Coral Reefs at Amilla Fushi

Feeling inspired to take your place amongst the A-listers on their private island paradise? Get in touch with one of our Travel Specialists for more information on staying at Amilla Fushi Resort!

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