5 Ways Il Salviatino Will Take Your Breath Away

Nina Earl-Grey, Travel Specialist | 25 Nov, 2019

Of all of the magnificent hotels in Florence, Il Salviatino might just be the most impressive.

A bold claim perhaps, but once you’ve read our top five ways that Il Salviatino will take your breath away you will surely see exactly what we mean…

1) Breathtaking Architecture

Could anything be better than staying in an authentic Renaissance villa? You will be immediately blown away by the beautiful 15th-century architecture of the building. Complete with the muted palette, sweeping archways and elegant symmetry that are hallmarks of the era and complemented by grand stone steps leading you into the lobby, Il Salviatino is a feast for the eyes that could rival any of the famous sights  you see on your luxury holiday in Florence.

architecture of Il Salviatinoarchitecture of il salviatino

Will you even want to visit other parts of Florence if your hotel looks this good?

2) Classic Meets Contemporary

The classical style continues throughout the hotel with original design features and striking art adorning the walls. However, Il Salviatino blends this traditional Italian style with superb contemporary luxury in surprising ways. Restored ceilings hide state-of-the-art speakers within them and chic mirrors house secret TV screens - demonstrating the stylish blend that Il Salviatino strikes in breathtaking fashion. 

Melodia Suite Il Salviatino

Classic meets contemporary at Il Salviatino

3) Stunning Views

Set high up on a hill overlooking the city, Il Salviatino has incredible views – and it knows it. Much of the hotel is designed to lead your eye towards the dramatic vistas. Through floor-to-ceiling windows you will be able to see the terracotta roofs of Florence, the famous Duomo and the rolling Tuscan hills.

Could there be a better way to relax than soaking in your classical marble bathtub with a glass of wine, gazing over the idyllic landscape?

Views from Il Salviatino with Duomo in background

Views like this, whilst you are relaxing, are priceless 

Insider Tip

Chat with the sommelier as he really knows all the most amazing wines to pair with pasta (I personally loved the Rosso de Molticino).

4) Gorgeous Gardens

The awe-inspiring gardens at Il Salviatino have risen to the unenviable task of competing with the beautiful building with aplomb. Flawlessly manicured and employing a classic Italian style, the tiered gardens are a tame oasis amongst the wild nature of the Tuscan countryside and are home to a relaxing swimming pool, beautiful fountains and an organic vegetable garden that supplies the kitchen with fresh ingredients.

Garden at Il Salviatino

Taking a walk through these gardens is surely one way to relax on your Tuscan journey

The organic garden also helps for fresh daily food. There is no menu at breakfast time – you simply say what you would like and the chefs will cook it for you, and of course, there’s also the traditional breakfast buffet featuring fresh pastries, homemade granola, breads, yoghurts, meats and cheeses.

5) Stylish Arrivals

If you’re heading to a location as impressive as Il Salviatino, you’re going to want to arrive in style. A rooftop helicopter landing pad makes dramatic arrivals more than possible. Imagine how it feels to be flying over the sights of Florence and ascending into the Tuscan hills before landing at one of the most elegant destinations you have ever seen. It is a feeling of pure luxury and exclusivity – something very fitting of this breathtaking location.

Inspired to visit Il Salviatino for yourself? Call today and speak to one of our Travel Specialists to begin tailor-making your luxury holiday to Florence.

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