An anniversary journey on Concorde

John Mundy | 30 Jul, 2014

Inspiring Travel Company client John Mundy remembers a very special journey aboard the famed aircraft...

I was very fortunate to travel to New York and back on the 10th anniversary of Concorde with two weeks in the USA in between.

I was in my early twenties and I remember checking in and buying some duty-free followed by a paper and a sandwich - only to find the Concorde lounge! That made me laugh, never mind the lady at the desk - I was so embarrassed!

On the plane, I remember how small the inside was and the lovely grey leather seats. After take-off I was shown the flight deck and a gap between the cockpit and cabin which I could place my hand in sideways - it was explained the plane expanded in flight and that gap disappears on the ground!

It was also explained that as a celebration we all received silver decanter labels, rye, bourbon - the return was sherry and port all in a grey case -and a certificate. I still have everything including the ticket stub.

The take-off was such an experience, wow! And the flight went so fast, and on landing I checked - the gap had gone and my hand could no longer fit in it!

To finish the trip I took a helicopter to South Seaport helipad in New York - what a journey.

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