Anguilla: Caribbean hideaway with masses to offer

Inspiring Travel Company | 2 May, 2019

Jet-set hideaway for the likes of Paul McCartney, Leonardo DiCaprio and Beyoncé - Anguilla is the ultimate in luxury ‘get-away-from-it-all’ escapes. Known for its outstanding beaches and some of the most luxurious accommodation in the Caribbean, Anguilla makes for an extraordinary getaway.

Though small – Anguilla has masses to offer. Here we’ve picked out some unmissable highlights to give you a taste of what the island has in store for visitors. 

Dining Delights

Anguilla is renowned for its culinary scene. Peppered all along the coast are restaurants featuring innovative menus characterised by multicultural influences using fine, fresh seafood, and in styles ranging from fine dining to toes-in-the-sand.

The Hibernia, time-honoured luxury restaurant, has long been a top spot for dining on Anguilla for a reason. The novel menu incorporates Caribbean, Thai, French and Japanese influences to create dishes like no other using only the finest, locally sourced and organic ingredients. Do not miss the St Jacques scallop carpaccio with squid ink, tapioca pearls, green papaya and fresh mint.

The Sunset Lounge at Four Seasons Anguilla is just as much about the surroundings as it is about the food – the best sushi on the island. The clean, modern open-air lounge designed by internationally recognized designer, Kelly Wearstler, is the perfect place to feast on velvety smooth sashimi, or the famous crispy rice in eel sauce with spicy tuna while sipping vintage liquors. And with views extending out over the bay, it is truly a place to settle into the sunset.

Stay in Style

Anguilla’s luxury hotels and resorts ooze exclusivity.

Malliouhana epitomises Anguilla glamour. The pristine white sand and blue shore is elegantly reflected in the clean white and pastel blue colour palette that extends throughout the luxury rooms and private beachfront villas. Rooms are accented with carefully curated patterned textiles and mosaic floors to give a unique aesthetic where each space feels like a painting. Renowned for top-class service and critically acclaimed dining, it’s no surprise that Malliouhana put Anguilla on the map for romantic escapes.

The Belmond Cap Juluca has an ambience that complements the easy Caribbean charm of Anguilla. A host of grand earthy-toned residences with Greco-Moorish features offer utmost privacy, situated away from the main resort facilities, but still enjoying prime access to the beach and a number of unique bars and restaurants scattered throughout the resort.

Wonderful Wildlife

Thanks to its seven different marine parks and countless coral formations, Anguilla is a haven for biodiversity and a vibrant metropolis to explore for novice and experienced divers alike. It is particularly popular among wreck divers for the nine ship wrecks dotted around the coast, such as El Buen Consejo, an 18th century war galleon now home to a whole host of marine life.

All year around, snorkellers can see green turtles effortlessly glide past the hustle and bustle of nurse sharks, parrot fish, eels and tangs going about their daily life on the reef. Keen-eyed snorkellers may even spot more elusive species such as barracuda, lobsters and southern sting rays.

A visit to Anguilla in March and April is especially exceptional for the opportunity to see humpback whales who congregate for mating each year at the plateau between Anguilla, Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy. These extraordinary 15-foot-long animals can frequently be seen jumping up to five metres above the surface of the water, or gracefully swimming beneath you. Lucky divers may even be able hear their chorus of mating songs. A truly once-in-a lifetime experience.

Beaches aplenty

It’s impossible to talk about Anguilla without mentioning what the island is best known for – its beaches. Lined by 39 miles of glorious coastline and a staggering 33 beaches, everyone can find their own slice of paradise. Petite inlets, such as Little Cove, provide sanctuaries for those looking for nothing more than powdery white sand and gently lapping waves. For those that are looking to join the party, beaches such as Rendezvous Bay and Sandy Bay are popular beachside hangouts that offer live music and fresh Caribbean cocktails to accompany your day at the beach.

If nothing else, wandering around Anguilla soaking up the quintessentially Caribbean atmosphere is an outstanding way to spend an afternoon, or a whole holiday.

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