13 top beaches in the Caribbean

| 13 Mar, 2020

What makes a beach really stand out?

Is it the softness of the sand, the sweeping cliff views, or its potential for complete seclusion? Maybe it’s something to do with crystal clear waters stretching off into the distance, or the abundance of activities available on its shore.

A mix of these factors might make a particular beach beautiful enough to feature heavily in your post-holiday Instagram snaps, or fun enough to base your family adventures around. And luckily, you can find beaches to cater to visitors of all kinds in the Caribbean. In fact, the region is home to some of the most idyllic and visually stunning beaches in the world.

Here, we’ve rounded up some of the very best Caribbean beaches:

  • Sugar Beach, St Lucia
  • Jumby Bay Beach, Antigua
  • Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman
  • Grand Anse Beach, Grenada
  • COMO Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos
  • White Bay Beach, British Virgin Islands
  • Necker Island, British Virgin Islands
  • Shoal Bay, Anguilla
  • Englishman's Bay, Trinidad and Tobago
  • Carlisle Bay, Barbados
  • Pink Sands, Bahamas
  • Pinney's Beach, St Kitts & Nevis
  • Brownes Beach, Barbados

Read on to discover which Caribbean islands you should be travelling to for world-class stretches of sand...

Sugar Beach, St Lucia

Found in south-western St Lucia and boasting a stunning view of the volcanic Pitons, the majestic Sugar Beach is a 'must' on any Caribbean beaches round-up. Gros Piton and Petit Piton are part of the Piton Mitan Ridge and are a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. There can't be many grander views from a sun lounger anywhere in the world.

Aside from boasting incredible views, Sugar Beach also offers up an unbeatable sense of luxury. Found on the site of an 18th century sugar plantation (hence the name) and set within a 100-acre rainforest, Sugar Beach is liberally dotted with thatched umbrellas that scatter the white sand, whilst gentle waves lap just feet away. The whole place exudes a sense of pure peace. And, breathe...

Sugar Beach St Lucia

Can you imagine whiling away the time on this beach in St Lucia?

Jumby Bay Beach, Antigua

A luxury private resort in Antigua, Jumby Bay is sometimes known as Long Island. Here you’ll find a location that’s perfect for romance: think white sands and a wonderfully peaceful lack of jet skis or transport; Jumby Bay Beach is only accessible via boat, meaning your time here is guaranteed to offer pure relaxation.

The beach is unspoilt and wild, stretching for a pristine half-mile that’s been called the best in the Caribbean. Don‘t take our word for it though: you’ll just have to visit and find out for yourself.

Jumby Bay Beach Antigua

Jumby Bay's white sands are definitely inviting

Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

Want to visit the beach that’s been certified as the region’s best by Caribbean Travel and Life magazine? You’ll find the winner of this accolade on the western coast of Grand Cayman, where it stretches for just over six miles (no, we don’t know why they’ve exaggerated its name to seven either).

The beach is completely public, despite being home to most of Grand Cayman’s most exclusive resorts, meaning you can walk its entire, uninterrupted length if you so wish. We wouldn’t blame you if you simply wanted to lay back on your towel and marvel at the brilliantly bright meeting of sea, sand and sky, though.

Grand Anse Beach, Grenada

Grenada’s Spice Island Beach Resort features the Caribbean island’s best-known beach, Grand Anse. As well as being the island’s favourite beach, family-friendly Grand Anse might be the most beautiful too. Here you’ll find a mile and a half of soft white sand, framed by palm trees and still, bright blue water.

Spice Island and Grand Anse are right in the centre of Grenada’s holiday action: you’ll find most of the island’s main resorts in the immediate vicinity, ensuring a lively atmosphere and plenty of convenience. When it comes to Caribbean islands with the best beaches, Grenada is surely one of the most beautiful destinations.

COMO Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos

COMO Parrot Cay on Turks and Caicos is a luxury resort perfectly set on its own private island.

The benefits of this luxury seclusion mean that you can walk straight out onto the beach from your room, and you’ll be delighted when you do: here you’ll find comfortable day beds on wooden decking, inviting sun loungers on the sand, and rocks rising from the sea to offer a rugged, untouched feeling.

Fancy a picnic on the sand, snacks protected from the sun by an umbrella canopy? Go ahead.

COMO Parrot Cay BeachCOMO Parrot Cay Beach

Is there anywhere you would rather be than here?

White Bay Beach, British Virgin Islands

Also known as Jost Van Dyke, White Bay Beach in the British Virgin Islands means golden sands, yachts bobbing casually close to the shore, and green hills rolling in every direction.

You can reach the half-mooned shaped White Bay Beach by water taxi, and when you do you’ll be greeted by coral reefs just offshore that present the perfect opportunity for underwater exploring. Don’t forget your snorkel!

Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

Richard Branson’s Caribbean enclave Necker Island, in the British Virgin Islands, is truly the height of luxury. Part of the Virgin Limited Edition portfolio of deluxe holiday properties, the luxury resort can accommodate up to 30 guests in true island chic.

There are a few different beaches on Necker Island that can fulfil your Caribbean island dreams; try the Main Beach for watersports, or the more peaceful Turtle Beach to lay back in a hammock and watch as the sun dapples through the palm trees.

 Turtle Beach Necker IslandTurtle Beach Necker Island

Can you see yourself relaxing here?

Shoal Bay, Anguilla

Two-mile long Shoal Bay, on the northern coast of Anguilla, offers a welcoming atmosphere with blue and white striped sun loungers and umbrellas to shelter you in the bright Caribbean sunshine. Another spot that’s variously been named the best beach in the Caribbean, Shoal Bay is framed by palm trees and quaint white villas that reflect its colonial past.

The beach itself is a pure island paradise: clean white sands with a hint of pink, calm azure waters stretching uninterrupted into the distance, and the pleasure, if you wish, of meandering its full distance. After your walk, shake the sand off your toes, sit back, and crack open a cold drink in one of the many beach bars that line the sand.

Relax and unwind on Shoal Bay Beach

Relax and unwind on Shoal Bay in Anguilla

Englishman’s Bay, Trinidad and Tobago

Want something that’s completely secluded and set away from the bustling atmosphere that characterises lots of the Caribbean’s public beaches? We highly recommend Trinidad and Tobago for a sun-soaked escape.

Englishman’s Bay, found on the northern coast of the island above Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve, is amongst the most secluded beaches in the area and is almost completely obscured by trees and the two headlands that form part of the island’s Main Ridge. Its surroundings allow for lots of shade, and you’re likely to find stronger waves here than you will on the island’s better-visited beaches. While its seclusion and waves mean its not the best option for young families, it's a wonderfully romantic and peaceful spot for couples.

Englishman's Bay Trinidad And Tobago

Fancy a hideaway beach away from the crowds? Look to Englishman's Bay in Trinidad & Tobago

Carlisle Bay, Bridgetown, Barbados

A natural bay that’s a popular spot for scuba diving, Carlisle Bay is just a stone’s throw from the Bajan capital and was once a merchant port, though these days you’re much more likely to find catamarans and luxury yachts meandering in the clear waters than trading boats. This beautiful spot makes a great stop off after a morning exploring the city.

Pink Sands, Bahamas

This famous beach on Harbour Island in the Bahamas is aptly named: the sand here really is bright pink, hued this way because of the thousands of tiny marine creatures that make their homes in the coral reefs that surround the bay.

The beach is framed by tropical forest, amongst which are nestled numerous luxury villas whose balconies gaze down over the breathtaking sands. This is a destination in itself, made famous by Instagrammers and those looking for a truly unique holiday experience.

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Pinney's Beach, St Kitts and Nevis

Within a stone’s throw of capital Charlestown on Nevis, Pinney's Beach is a long, narrow stretch of sand that’s lined with palm trees.

The beach is so-called because of the once prominent Pinney family - local plantation owners in the 19th century. These days you’ll find the beach that bears their name stretching all the way to Cades Bay, on the strait the separates Nevis from St Kitts. This is a popular beach, with many visitors from the nearby islands making special trips to visit.

Pinneys Beach

Visiting Pinneys Beach is a must whilst in St Kitts & Nevis

Brownes Beach, Barbados

One of the largest and best-known beaches on Barbados, you’ll find Brownes Beach on the outskirts of capital Bridgetown. Beach clubs are in abundance, so grab a day pass and enjoy all the comforts that they offer whilst watching the yachts and catamarans idle lazily in beautiful Carlisle Bay.

If you can tear yourself away from the beach club, this is an absolute top spot for snorkelling: underneath the water, you’ll find a world of seahorses, starfish and tropical fish invading the shipwrecks that dot the seabed. You’d never guess it from above, but Brownes Beach offers a unique chance to explore an underwater world. 

It’s hardly an undiscovered destination, but with so many great beach options in the Caribbean, it’s still helpful to know which are the unmissable spots before you go. Whether it’s the lively and family-friendly Grand Anse or the more secluded Englishman’s Bay, there’s a Caribbean beach to satisfy all situations.

Whether it’s snorkelling or sunbathing, rocky outcrops or romance, you’ll find it here.

Have you visited any Caribbean beaches you think should be on this list? Let us know!

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