An intoxicating evening with Charles Mitchell Wines

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Jayne King | 30 Apr, 2015

Working in travel for the Inspiring Travel Company, I believe I’ve got the best job in the world but last night the team here were treated to an evening with Chris Pacey from Charles Mitchell Wines; Chris is a man who is incredibly passionate about wine and I’m sure many of us felt, as we know he does, that he also has the best job in the world.

Chris is a leading wine expert whose taste buds are renowned in the industry, with his many accolades including a Diplome Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux and Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne. Chris Pacey is also one of only fifty ‘Chevalier du Tastevin’ in the UK - these are knights or Chevaliers of the order devoted to defending the wines of Burgundy.

Charles Mitchell Wines is an exclusive importer and provider of fine wines. They have been established for over 35 years, working with the finest vineyards worldwide to provide their discerning clients with wines that can’t be found on the shelves of supermarkets or through other suppliers. At the Inspiring Travel Company we are delighted to be a key partner working with them to ensure we bring exclusive, exceptional experiences to our clients. 

Chris brought the team six exclusive wines to taste - the first being a Champagne - and the ITC team were taught how to hold their glasses and the bubbles you need to look out for when tasting Champagne. I also learnt that the cork should be eased out firmly but gently, releasing with a ‘soft sigh’! I’m no expert but all of the wines were delicious and the quality was exceptionally evident. With the white wines we were told how to discover the ‘legs of the wine’, with all the wines we tasted we were told about the unique ‘terroir’, which is the climate, soil and terrain that makes it unique. Chris taught us so much and allowed us to ask questions, however the only question I have for Chris and the team at Charles Mitchell Wines is when can you come back?