Discovering Coral Reef Club and The Sandpiper

Helen Tabois | 14 Apr, 2014

When I read the words ‘beautifully appointed’ in a hotel description I confess to a slight feeling of trepidation. In the wrong hands, ‘beautifully appointed’ can equate to cold and impersonal but fortunately for us all, the O’Hara family has proved over many years to be very much the right hands. 

Its sister properties in Barbados, Coral Reef Club and The Sandpiper, are indeed beautifully appointed but they’re also infused with a character and warmth that’s typically Bajan. Both luxuriate in their prime locations on the sought after West Coast of the island and are distinctly different yet decidedly complementary in décor, style and feel.  

Coral Reef Club is the larger of the two, so naturally has a little more hustle and bustle – well as much as you could ever apply those words to an idyllic tropical garden setting where the Caribbean Sea laps gently onto golden shores!

The Sandpiper has just 48 rooms to its elder sibling’s 88 and on first inspection is perhaps a little sleepier. But scratch the surface and you’ll find it has a life of its own, epitomised by bartender Harold, whose fame is such that The Sandpiper’s beach bar proudly bears his name. 

To mention Harold is appropriate because it’s the staff at each property, a mix of the long-serving and the passionate youth, who are the heart and soul of Coral Reef Club and The Sandpiper. They’re the people who bring ‘beautifully appointed’ to life and who ensure that you’ll leave with warm memories and a plan to return…sooner rather than later.

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