Experiencing Concorde with the Inspiring Travel Company

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Jo Davenport | 16 Apr, 2015

I was lucky enough to be invited to attend a special day we had organised for our clients at Brooklands Museum in Surrey; famous for not only motor racing but for the iconic Concorde, on which our day was focussed. We had all been given our “boarding passes” ready for our flight, for a journey into our imaginations!

Firstly we were given a brief talk from the staff, who were so passionate about all things Concorde and who had a long standing history with the aircraft, including a former Air Stewardess who had lots of interesting stories.

Following our “flight” on board we each got the opportunity to visit the cockpit; the only question was who was going to sit in the Captain’s seat and take control, in my case it was me! During the day we wandered around the museum looking at all the historical artefacts it boasts from the world of motorsport and aviation.

After lunch, which was a replica of one served onboard the BA9075 flight on the 30th May 1989 from Heathrow to Aqaba, we were all gripped by a very personal, and at times emotional, speech from the former Head Concorde Pilot Mr Mike Bannister, who even showed us footage that you would never see anywhere else. It was obvious that Mike and all the team at Brooklands had a real affection for, and even some said a “self confessed love affair” with Concorde, which they always referred to as ‘her’. I think I can say on behalf of everyone who attended that it was a very interesting and enjoyable day.