The Food and Culture of Wynwood Walls

David Pointer | 15 Nov, 2019

Wynwood Walls and the neighbourhood of Wynwood is one of my favourite spots in Miami.

And I make sure I always make a stop here when I visit Miami, whether on business or for pleasure.

Originally devised as an area to bring to light the great work done by street artists from around the world, Wynwood Walls has evolved to become a “Museum of the Streets”.

I have watched the area evolve from what was in the 1970s - an expanse of ageing warehouses that you would drive through and not stop under any circumstances or just avoid altogether - into a hot spot of quirky urban graffiti and wall art housing a plethora of pop up restaurants and cafes as well as some amazing nightspots.

My first visit was in 2013 when it was rough around the edges and you saw very few tourists stepping out on the pavements. My latest visit was November 2019 and it was evident that the area has gone through some gentrification, but the street art remains the core attraction of the area and this gentrification has bought with it some wonderful eateries to enjoy while stroll around and take in the surroundings.

Wynwood Walls proper is six buildings where their giant walls have become blank canvases for famed artists from across the globe. Some installations have remained over the years and thankfully my favourites are still there, and others change so it is always great to go back and see what is new.

Food Tour of Wynwood Walls

Wynwood Walls Park is a great place to start and this is where our Miami Culinary Tours' 2.5-hour small-group walking tour begins. We met with our guide JJ, a true gentleman and his passion for the area, art and food was evident from the moment we met him.

We start with a walk around Wynwood Walls Park where some of my favourite examples of street art can be found, including a frightening image of SpongeBob, my hero cartoon character and someone I will never see him as the same person ever again.

Graffiti at Wynwood Walls

The street art here is from world-renowned artists

The Wynwood neighbourhood area only used to cater to the warehouse workers so good dining spots were few and far between until recently, now all of a sudden a plethora of pop-up eateries have appeared and periodically disappeared to be replaced by another, making it a great spot to return to not only for the new graffiti and wall art installations but for new places to eat too.

We then venture outside of the 'Walls' to our first food stop, Giache Crepes & Art, serving gourmet crepes amongst walls adorned by eye-catching art. We had a delicious savoury Truffle Crepe with hard seared shiitake, roasted garlic, fontina, basil confetti, Parmigiano Reggiano crumble and balsamic glaze - yummy! 

Giache Crepes Restaurant

Don't miss out on getting your crepe and art fix 

From here we continue with a walk all the way across the road to Rodilla Wynwood where we enjoyed one of my favourite snack foods, croquettes.....

Along the way, we were treated to the eye-catching sights of the outstanding wall art and graffiti that covers almost every inch of the warehouse walls around us.

It is impossible not to stop and marvel at every installation and capture the spectacle on camera.

We were lucky enough to see an artist at work and I'm hoping that the finished piece is still there when I return so I can see it in its entirety, but you never know as the walls of art are forever changing.

Next food stop was a Jamaican Restaurant called Dukunoo Kitchen -  a lively restaurant with an even livelier team of very enthusiastic staff serving patrons tasty Jamaican fare and cocktails. We had salt codfish cakes, which were divine, accompanied by jerk corn on the cob and the strongest Rum cocktail I have ever tasted. As I was driving down to Key West later that day I had an excuse to give that one a miss otherwise I would be sleeping in the carpark until the effects wore off.


The walking on this is tour is kept to the minimum, you only cover just over a mile but the amount of incredible and imaginative art you will encounter is overwhelming. After another 100 photos are taken we start with the desserts, with the first being Pink Pie, a delightful little bakery with a neon slogan 'Don't Be Shy, Try Some Pie' - so I did just that. Mini Dessert Pies on offer include Oreo Nutella, Cinnamon Bun Apple and of course Key Lime Pie. Pink Pie has quite rightly been voted best pie shop in Florida by USA Today and in Miami by Miami New Times.

Pink Pie Wynwood WallPink Pie Wynwood Wall

You won't be disappointed if you try the baked goods at Pink Pie

The last stop was Flavian Gelataria Artigianae which served artisanal Italian Gelato, and I couldn't think of a better way to end such an amazing afternoon of food and art.

Luckily the Wynwood neighbourhood covers a huge area of warehouses where no wall has been left untouched by some sort of art or graffiti so there is plenty of opportunity to walk off those excess calories consumed during a Wynwood Food and Art Tour.

I can't wait to go back and see what new delights have popped up in the art and food world in Wynwood, Miami.

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