Happy Birthday to BA’s iconic Concorde

Jennifer Atkinson | 21 Jan, 2014

As you may know by now, 2014 marks ITC’s 40th year as a luxury tour operator.

We were the first UK travel business to do many things, but by far one of our proudest achievements was that we were the first tour operator to charter Concorde.

So the history of this iconic aircraft has been synonymous with our own, and we are delighted that today – 21st January 2014 – British Airways is celebrating 38 years since its first commercial flight with the plane.

On this day in 1976, British Airways' first commercial supersonic flight on the Concorde fleet’s BA300 flew from London Heathrow to Bahrain, with Captain Norman Todd at the helm.

More than 2.5 million customers travelled on Concorde, with just under 50,000 flights since 1976. ITC (then Caribbean Connection) was the first to charter the services of Concorde in 1988, with flights to Barbados.  

Back in 1999 we spoke to one of the pilots of Concorde, Jock Lowe, who said: “Caribbean Connection’s initiative and commitment not only introduced Concorde to the Caribbean but is a cornerstone in its success today.

“It has been a remarkable success story which has grown beyond our wildest dreams and we now run about 40 flights a year to the island.”

See the whole article here.

Our association with Concorde was so ingrained in ITC as a business that our founder Drew Foster named our HQ in Chester after the aircraft – Concorde House.

Sadly the fleet was decommissioned in 2003, but its place will remain in the history books, as well as in our own ITC journey.

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