Healthy New Year’s Resolution No.4. - Destress

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Judie Hinkson | 7 Feb, 2014

If your 2014 resolution was to get yourself into tip-top condition and create a healthier new you, take a look at the Inspiring Travel Company’s Health & Wellbeing series of Top Five Healthy New Year’s resolutions…with gorgeous escapes to entice you, fulfilling your every need.

No.4   Reduce Stress

The pressures of modern life can lead to stress, which in turn can affect our health. Finding ways to reduce this stress long-term is key, as well as developing coping mechanisms for when everything gets too much. Research has consistently shown that being outdoors and getting some sunshine can significantly temper low mood. But jetting off on a break to truly soothe your soul isn’t enough; you need to be left with the skills to manage your day-to-day stresses on your return home too.

Our Health & Wellbeing team recommend Grayshott Spa, Surrey

Finding a place to cut stress doesn’t mean having to jump on a plane and travel miles…at the Inspiring Travel Company we have destinations in the UK too. Take Grayshott Spa for example, which has specific De-stress programmes that include massage and reflexology. They say: “Designed to help you unwind and relax away from the stresses of everyday life, you will leave Grayshott feeling de-stressed and rejuvenated.”