Healthy New Year’s Resolution No.2 - Sleep

Marion Cadman | 16 Jan, 2014

If your 2014 resolution was to get yourself into tip-top condition and create a healthier new you, take a look at the Inspiring Travel Company’s Health & Wellbeing series of Top Five Healthy New Year’s resolutions…with gorgeous escapes to entice you, fulfilling your every need.

No.2   Sleep

Most of us will struggle with sleep at some point during our lives, but if you suffer from prolonged periods of insomnia or sleep disturbance now’s the time to get yourself checked out by a GP and make a change. It’s recommended that you have at least eight hours of sleep every night, although more is recommended if you’re recovering from illness, you’re pregnant or are living with a chronic illness. Most experts will suggest that the best night’s sleep is had after you’ve wound down...which means no computer or phone before bed.

Our Health & Wellbeing team recommend SHA Wellness Clinic, Alicante

The famous clinic has its own Sleep Well Program, designed to eliminate sleep problems. SHA says: “A good night's sleep is one of the basic pillars for a healthy life, being a common cause of premature ageing. Sleep disorders such as insomnia and obstructive apnea favour the occurrence of heart, respiratory and nervous system diseases, and its correction is the preventative essence of these diseases.”

Treatment includes night polysomnographic diagnosis, therapeutic massage, consultations with a psychologist, mindfulness therapy sessions, acupuncture sessions and a personalised post treatment health plan.


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