Healthy New Year’s Resolution No.3 - Get Active

Judie Hinkson | 28 Jan, 2014

If your 2014 resolution was to get yourself into tip-top condition and create a healthier new you, take a look at the Inspiring Travel Company’s Health & Wellbeing series of Top Five Healthy New Year’s resolutions…with gorgeous escapes to entice you, fulfilling your every need.

No.3   Get Active

Busy lives often mean that exercising isn’t a priority, with many of us guilty of not taking part in any kind of regular fitness. If you really struggle to get to a weekly class, try a few manageable activities instead – such as power walking to and from your car, or choosing stairs over a lift. Whatever you can manage, it will do you the world of good to get active.

At times, things would be easier with a pro to teach you the skills to excel at your chosen sport, which is where a wellbeing break to a specialist fitness retreat could be just the answer to sustaining your exercise longevity. Or why not set yourself a challenge for 2014, such as running a marathon?

Our Health & Wellbeing team recommend The BodyHoliday, St Lucia

If you have set yourself a target of getting fit this year, try The BodyHoliday’s BodyAware to set you on the right course from the start. They say: “The BodyAware Programme provides a holistic solution that is based on three core components: To improve nutrition habits; To perform regular exercise; To make lifestyle changes. Most guests who attend a BodyAware course cite a lack of motivation, a lack of time and lack of correct information / too much wrong information. The BodyAware approach is to overcome these obstacles through behaviour change strategies that increase motivation, time efficient workouts that fit any schedule and effective easy to follow principles on nutrition that satisfies any palate.”

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