I quickly became a Concorde enthusiast

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Roy Hodgson | 23 Jul, 2014

I flew twice on Concorde to Barbados, taking off at 9.30am from Heathrow and landing in Barbados at 9.30am!

The four hour flight time instead of eight was just incredible.
As I used to fly myself I went onto the flight deck and was amazed at the basic technology. On my first flight the first officer was female, who I believe went on to become the only female Concorde captain.

I quickly became a Concorde enthusiast and am privileged to own many Concorde related items; my prized possession is test pilot's Brian Trubshaw's pilot's licence, flight bag and cap, along with several original cartoons relating to Concorde that were presented to him.

I think it's tragic that not even one of the aircraft has been kept flying, and am certain that the one at BAE, Filton could be made airworthy for a few million pounds; which considering what this wonderful aircraft represents is peanuts. I'm sure it would be booked solid and earn its keep too!

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