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Anna Shaw, Relationship Manager, Private Clients & Chairman’s Club | 6 Dec, 2018

Inspiring Travel Company’s Anna Shaw (Relationship Manager for Private Clients & Chairman’s Club) heads to the Maldives for a luxury travel experience in style…

It’s been a busy three years since I was last in the Maldives so it would be true to say that I might have been guilty of forgetting just how breathtakingly beautiful this destination is. Sometimes in this job it’s very easy to throw around words like ‘crystal clear turquoise waters’ and ‘white sandy beaches’ whilst not truly remembering how completely mesmerising the colour of the Indian Ocean is from the air. The view from our seaplane ride to COMO Maalifushi was the stuff of dreams but this was only the beginning of what proved to be an amazing three days of ‘pinch me’ moments.

Having been checked in to my spacious overwater suite, I decided it was time for a bit of r’n’r in the sunshine. Opening my door on to the deck, I realised that the toughest choice of the day was going to be whether to opt for a sumptuous sun lounger or to stretch out on the elevated day bed. Thank goodness I had a long enough stay here to spend quality time on both. Aside from this though, how on earth was I going to fill my time on the island?

Fortunately there is plenty to keep guests entertained on Maalifushi; whether it be enjoying heavenly spa treatments at the COMO Shambala Spa, joining a morning yoga session, snorkelling on the house reef, kayaking around the lagoon or indulging in sumptuous cuisine. Aside from these pursuits though, there are three experiences that I got to enjoy that were very special indeed.

Night time snorkel

On our first evening, we were enjoying a quiet dinner with the sand between our toes when we got ‘the call’. A whale shark had been spotted feeding beneath a local fisherman’s boat and the dive centre staff were giving us 15 minutes to abandon our food, make a quick change into our swimwear and get on board the boat that would take us out to the whale shark. Once we got to the fisherman’s boat we were given time to observe the whale shark feeding from above the water before then making the move into the water ourselves. Even if I hadn’t then got into the water, I would have felt that this experience was out of this world. Just viewing these enormous creatures slowly swimming up to the surface and hoovering up the plankton along the way is one incredible site to behold. To then put on a snorkel and be in the water within three metres of a whale shark (or two) is simply awesome and an adventure I will never forget.

Sunset cruise on Cameron

The 68ft luxury yacht, Cameron, is a bit of a beauty. On board, there are four bedrooms, a spacious kitchen and living area but most importantly up on the skipper’s deck there is the perfect viewing area for enjoying a Maldivian sunset. On the evening we set out we had three fantastic crew who took great care to keep us fed and watered as we sailed off across the calm waters. Not long after we’d set off, the music was switched on and to our delight it had just the effect we were looking for. Within minutes, there was a pod of dolphins surfing through the waves around us and spinning out of the water, leaping up into the air before splashing back under again. Like most evenings in the Maldives, the sunset was epic but the dolphins really won the show on this particular occasion.

Private Island Barbecue

On our penultimate day, we were fortunate enough to be taken across to Maalifushi’s private island. As we pulled up in our speedboat, I thought to myself that this must have been what the Maldives was like long before international flights started arriving here. From the water all you can see is lush vegetation and beach. Once we disembarked, and walked into the shade of the palm trees, we were greeted by three smiling faces who were busy cooking up a delicious feast. A very relaxed affair, we helped ourselves to a fabulous selection of salads accompanied by the most amazing array of barbecued meat and fish. Simple pleasures are often the best and this afternoon we enjoyed a long lazy lunch and then relaxed in the calm waters before being taken back to Maalifushi feeling refreshed and a million miles away from the stresses of everyday life.

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