Lesley Ramsay remembers her flight on Concorde

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Lesley Ramsay | 23 May, 2014

We flew on Concorde on the 26th May 1993 from Manchester to Toronto. It was the furthest Concorde had ever flown before and, on thinking back, if there had been any problems there might have been a catastrophe!

We flew from Aberdeen to Manchester the night before our flight as Concorde was due to leave at 09.50am.

Concorde arrived from London with the now infamous Jimmy Saville on board as he was "fixing" it for a 100-year-old woman to have her first flight on the aircraft.

The plane itself was very compact, a lot smaller than we had previously thought, but very comfortable and VERY quick!

We landed safely in Toronto and spent a great few days there. We even managed to travel up to Niagara Falls and the surrounding area and went to see Phantom of the Opera.

Sadly Concorde was decommissioned before we had a chance to take our children on it.