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Helen Tabois | 21 Jul, 2014

Inspiring Travel Company Senior Product & Marketing Manager, Helen Tabois, describes her recent trip to the Caribbean island of Anguilla…

Everyone told me about the beaches. I’d read about them, seen pictures, even written about them. So there are lovely beaches in Anguilla. So what? I work with the Caribbean, I’ve seen beaches before; white sand, black sand, pebble, shingle; gently sloping so it takes you 20 yards to get knee deep and sharply shelving where water round the ankles is only a couple of steps from inadvertent doggy paddle.

But now I know what everyone meant. There are beaches and then there are BEACHES! And Anguilla is blessed with a seemingly endless supply of long, wide expanses of soft, pale golden sand. Some are relatively straight stretches while others curve in that beautiful crescent shape that most of us would conjure up if we were asked to describe the Caribbean beach of folklore.

Of course every stunning beach deserves to be complemented by a fabulous hotel and here too, Anguilla shines. There are different styles and shapes to suit varying tastes and price points but if your sights are set on luxury, I’d recommend a straight choice between romantic favourite Cap Juluca and the new(ish) kid on the block, Viceroy Anguilla. 

Cap Juluca, running the length of sensational Maunday’s Bay Beach offers a true Caribbean experience; personal service delivered with genuine warmth, all rooms and suites just steps from the beach of your dreams and décor infused with Caribbean tones. Four Seasons Anguilla Resort, situated at one end of Meads Bay Beach, provides the perfect counterpoint; it’s a simply beautiful resort that would be equally at home on Miami’s glamorous South Beach, oozing style and quality everywhere you look with rooms and suites that could grace the pages of an interior design magazine, while also boasting a plethora of top notch facilities to boot.

Anguilla’s other key attraction for the discerning traveller is the quality and variety of dining it offers. Although my stay was a short one, I still managed to dine in a couple of local beachfront (of course!) establishments as well as in the aforementioned hotels and, as with the beaches, I can only urge you to go to Anguilla and sample the fare yourself. Only first hand experience will do.