Luxury cruise holidays from the Inspiring Travel Company

Jennifer Atkinson | 16 Jun, 2014

New research has shown that travel on board cruise ships by British travellers has increased greatly over the past few years, and here at the Inspiring Travel Company we can confirm we’ve seen this trend too.

So why is this? Well there are many benefits of taking a luxury cruise, not least:

  • Ease of travel – once you’re on board you don’t need to think about repacking to move onto your next destination or having to hire and drive a car on foreign roads
  • Multi-stop holidays – on a cruise ship you can take in many different countries and ports on just one trip; which is particularly good for those who love exploring
  • Keep to a budget – you’ll find many luxury cruises are all-inclusive, with some even including unlimited excursions, which means you’ll know how much you’re going to spend

At the Inspiring Travel Company we pride ourselves on our long-held relationships with small ship luxury cruise ships. If the idea of exploring a myriad of new places, discovering diverse cuisines and relaxing in a convivial atmosphere appeals to you then a small ship luxury cruise is the perfect choice. Not only can you select from a wide variety of destinations but you’ll be sailing in style, appreciating luxurious accommodation and the kind of service that wouldn’t be out of place in the world’s top hotels.

As you’d expect, the excursions on offer during each voyage are carefully selected for the experience and insight they offer within each port of call but if you want to learn more about a particular destination or theme, look out for voyages featuring some of the world’s foremost experts in their fields.

No wonder then that small ship luxury cruising has an attraction that draws many to set sail year after year; revelling in a relaxing way to see the world from an entirely different perspective. Tempted? Then order our new Cruise brochure... it’s certain to inspire.