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Richard Nurse | 23 Mar, 2015

Our weekly South Africa update from Richard Nurse… 

Greetings once again from (dare I say it) a sunny and wind free Cape Town.

For all the sports lovers there is going to be a lot going on down here at the end of the year. The English cricket team will be touring South Africa over December, January and February and we have two major horse racing events taking place in Cape Town in January; starting with The Queen’s Plate on the 9th January 2016 and then the J&B Metropolitan Handicap on the last Saturday of January. 

Our experienced and enthusiastic Sports and Travel Specialists are at the end of the line to help with any enquiries you might have, or simply go online to our website and download our ITC Sports Travel brochure or Horse Racing Abroad brochure and read all about the superb itineraries we have for these fantastic events.

But if you’re not that mad about sports then a visit to one of our many fabulous game lodges in the Kruger National Park or the Pilansberg (malaria free) will definitely stimulate your appetite and make you want to keep returning to the Rainbow Nation. Here is just a little taste of what to expect on a day ‘in the bush’… 

On arrival from Johannesburg Oliver Tambo International Airport you are welcomed at the lodge (usually) just before lunch, your bags are taken to your room while you register then you head over to the lounge/dining room area for lunch. Or if you prefer, you can choose to have your meal at your suite while sitting around your own pool! 

At 5pm we all meet at the main restaurant before being escorted to our vehicles for the evening game drive. The excitement of what waits for us around the next corner is tremendous. About 40 minutes into the drive we will stop on an open plain for some sun downers and nibbles before continuing on the night drive.

The tracker sitting on the left front of the vehicle with a powerful spot light will highlight the various animals, big and small, that we see (he will know what they are simply by their eyes!). An interesting fact is that the trackers and rangers will never shine the light directly into the animals eyes for anything longer than a few seconds as it can blind them momentarily and make them easy prey for any predators lurking in the night. You’re then taken back to the lodge full of excitement of what has been experienced and what’s to come tomorrow, ready for your evening meal.

The next morning at 5.30am you gather in the lounge for a hot tea or coffee and a few home baked rusks, before wrapping up in a warm blanket and boarding your viewing vehicle (usually eight people to a vehicle) in the crisp morning air and heading out for the game drive. This should take about three hours and then it is back to the lodge for a mouth-watering breakfast while discussing what it is that you’ve all had the pleasure of seeing in the bush.

That’s enough exercise for the day so after breakfast it’s off to the spa or to the pool to relax in comfort with your favourite book. 

It all sounds too easy doesn’t it? But as I keep saying, don’t believe me. Ask one of our Travel Specialists to book your South African luxury holiday and come and witness it for yourself. 

I would love to welcome you to the Kruger Park. 

Until the next time.


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