Magnificent Maldives: A Stay at Kanuhura

Spencer Thomas, Business Manager | 4 May, 2018

They say first impressions count, so I wondered whether my expectations would be too high – this being my second privileged visit to Kanuhura.

One of the first things I noticed when arriving at the sea plane jetty is how natural everything is. So many smiley faces reminded me that the Maldives is still home to one of the most genuine welcomes you’ll find anywhere.

Home Away From Home

After checking in at Bodeboru (the welcome/arrivals lounge) and slurping our mocktails and coconut drinks, we were transported to our villas… to say I was astounded was an understatement! A notice on my villa’s door read ‘Welcome back to Kanuhura’ – as though the team here had recalled my last visit from 2009. Incredible! I was already impressed – and then I walked inside.

I was fortunate to have my very own Beach Pool Villa, which was light and airy but not in a minimalistic or clinical way. Everything was natural and in tune with the surroundings, from the wooden floor to neutral cottons and soft linen furnishings.

A benefit of being located on the west side of the island was that I was able gaze at the sunsets each evening, and also watch the arrival/departure of guests at the jetty.

Refreshing Refreshments

Bottega was easily my favourite restaurant, but then anything with an Italian or Mediterranean twist will win me over! The novelty of having a freshly made pizza in their traditional wooden stone ovens is something I think anyone staying here should sample. Gorgeous!

Cowry Club is the place to be in the evenings. Hookahs (or shishas) don’t normally interest me (as I’ve done all that countless times before!); however, I was intrigued by Cowry Club’s promise of some refreshing flavours including champagne or even chocolate. Once I started puffing, I didn’t want to stop. It was a ‘taste sensation’ and therefore without doubt the best hookah I’ve tried and in the most perfect of settings.

Island Paradise

After all this time, upon my return I was delighted to be reminded that Kanuhura still has one of the best (if not the best) beaches you’ll find anywhere! It is definitely one of the key factors which makes Kanuhura a ‘go to’ destination. The beach is perfect for walks around the island early morning or even at dusk.

Kanuhura is small enough to be your secluded island hide-away in the Maldives, and yet large enough that the many facilities are spread out to still offer sublime privacy to guests.

A highlight for me was discovering gems like the Chef’s Herb Garden; it was a lovely point of interest and it gave a little insight to culinary originality.

The Perfect Choice

With a respectable range of accommodation options – many including multiple bedrooms (up to three, perfect for families) Kanuhura will certainly appeal to anyone looking for ‘castaway’ luxury without the manufactured pomp. Sun Resorts’ redesign for Kanuhura perfectly places it as a top choice for a whole range of clients.

Kanuhura is simply anywhere you want it to be: A shimmering, romantic honeymoon destination; a kid’s beach paradise; a wondrous wellness retreat.

Or maybe, like me – it’s your perfect, private escape – a place to discover your zen!

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