Marry Oneself Journey at Rosewood Mayakoba

Inspiring Travel Company | 11 Oct, 2019

We all know the feeling of needing a little me-time. Whether you’re feeling tired, stiff or like you simply need a little time to yourself, there’s nothing quite like a wellness holiday to help restore your sense of wellbeing.

We’ve all heard about the rejuvenating power of a deep-tissue massage or how uplifted you can feel after having a body wrap, but where do you go when you’re looking for all of that and more? For the ultimate wellbeing overhaul look no further than the Rosewood Mayakoba

Beachfront Studio Suite


Sitting pretty on a white sand beach on the Riviera Maya in Mexico, the Rosewood Mayakoba is a sight to behold. Lush mangroves open up to reveal calm lagoons that are lined by contemporary suites and private residences, artfully hidden amongst dense tropical foliage. Winding walkways lead to shaded chillout areas, secluded lagoons and a collection of diverse and eclectic dining venues. Here, you’re invited to take a load off your feet. Sit, rest a while and allow yourself to escape.

Secluded amongst a lush jungle is Sense, a Rosewood Spa of the highest distinction. As you walk along meandering paths and cross small timber bridges, you’ll find a wide array of different facilities. A central relaxation area branches off to reveal a jacuzzi, a steam room, a sauna, a 24-hour fitness area, and further in, a collection of 12 treatment huts set amongst mangroves.

Kuxtal Sensory Garden

Though you’ll find many recognisable treatments such as massages, Ayurvedic treatments and reflexology, at Sense, a Rosewood Spa, these treatments take on a whole new meaning. Specialising in therapeutic experiences and rituals inspired by ancient Mayan healing practices, this unique spa provides more than just the opportunity to relax; it provides you with medicine for the body and the mind.

Perhaps you’ll go on a romantic sensory journey with your partner, or maybe a Mayan Healing Hands journey where you will experience a healing ritual guided by a Shaman, before being reborn from a cenote. Whichever journey you choose, Sense, a Rosewood Spa endeavours to provide something personalised, inspired by nature and like nothing you’ve experienced before.


La Ceiba Garden & Kitchen

For the ultimate wellbeing overhaul, you can embark on a experiential quest to discover a new sense of self-love and acceptance with the Marry Oneself Journey. Taking place over the course of four days, you’ll work one-on-one with a Shaman in a sequence of experiences inspired by ancient wisdom and natural elements. Each program is completely different; tailored to you to help you achieve the changes to your lifestyle, patterns and habits you’d like to achieve.

Perhaps you’ll identify a need for adaptation, leading you to take a treatment inspired by the flow of water, or maybe you’ll realise a need to listen, inspiring a healing session centred around the use of sound. Depending on how much time you have, or how in depth you would like your session to be, you can attend just one or a few different treatments. Whichever you decide, you’ll emerge with a renewed connection to yourself.

Rosewood Mayakoba, Sense Spa

Finally, to commemorate your progress you’ll attend a Shaman-led ceremony inspired by traditional Mayan rituals. Singing, music and chanting combine to make a magical experience that’s sure to go down in the memory books, and leave you feeling refreshed.

To book your Marry Oneself Journey or to find out more about the Rosewood Mayakoba, get in touch with a Travel Specialist today.


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