Officially an ‘astronaut’

Carol Fullwood | 25 Mar, 2014

It was on my husband’s ‘life list’ to fly on Concorde so when the opportunity arose with ITC, I couldn’t believe it.

I had to keep it a secret for quite a while and when the day finally arrived it was just amazing. Dave burst into tears at the check in because he couldn’t believe it. We both looked out at Concorde on the tarmac and couldn’t get over how small it looked.

On board, we sat in the optimum row for feeling the ‘bang’ when you go through the sound barrier and you could see the speed dial at the front of the cabin just going up and up. We arrived in New York an hour before we left Heathrow!

I can remember watching the final flight and it brought back so many great memories, it was sad, but we were so happy that we had managed to fly on a piece of history. My husband’s final memory is that he was told that, officially, anybody who has travelled supersonic is classed as an astronaut!

So it is true, ITC do make dreams come true!

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