Regent Seven Seas Explorer

| 5 Nov, 2019

When Regent Seven Seas Explorer was docked at Liverpool for the day, we took the chance to send our Travel Specialist Ray Crisp to get some insider info and first-hand experience for you.

My role at the Inspiring Travel Company doesn’t usually take me out of the office, so when I heard that I was going to be stepping aboard the Regent Seven Seas Explorer while it was docked at Liverpool for the day I was brimming with excitement. I’d already seen a TV documentary about the ship dubbed “the most luxurious ever built” that aired on Channel 5 in September, but actually being on the ship was a completely different experience. To give you a little idea of what it feels like, I’ve put together a few of my favourite memories.

One of the biggest highlights for me was the art – walking around the hallways, restaurants and lounges felt like walking around an art gallery! On my count there were two (at least!) by Picasso, one by Chagall and no doubt even more rarities hiding throughout the ship. My favourite piece was a painting of H.S.H. Princess Charlene of Monaco which hangs beside the iconic chandelier that lavishly decorates the Explorer’s central atrium. It pictures her partially submerged in water to commemorate her lifelong passion for swimming. It’s a beautiful piece and worth a visit just to see it!

During my time on the ship I was incredibly impressed by how much thought that Regent Seven Seas had put into the day to day experience of their guests; it was clear that they had paid careful attention to providing a dynamic environment filled with quiet nooks in which to hideaway and interesting places to discover. As I walked around the ship, I kept passing places that I could imagine myself comfortably enjoying my time.

First, I saw a very appealing puzzle table where guests were casually working on a jigsaw - apparently a new one is laid out each time it has been completed by the guests. Then, we passed the Library, a beautiful room decked out in wooden panels and featuring a beautiful orange glass chandelier-ceiling overhead. On the shelves I spotted plenty of books I recognised: classics, bestsellers and even a bunch of recent releases. Being an avid reader and someone who loathes carting around a heavy suitcase, a well-stocked library scored high in my books.

I really loved the Observation Lounge which is situated on the 11th floor, towards the bow of the ship. Softly lit and dressed in opulent tones of black, grey and gold, it was like walking into a scene from the Great Gatsby. With its low-slung ceiling and shaded windows that perfectly framed Liverpool’s iconic Liver Birds, it felt like the kind of place I could hide away with a coffee and a good book and let the world pass by. I was told that, when evening comes, the lounge transforms into a lively bar lounge, where you can come for cocktails and enjoy listening to the resident pianist tinkle on the ivories.

Without a doubt though, the pièce-de-resistance of the entire ship is the Constellation Theatre. This enormous tiered theatre is set across two floors and felt like an underground New York Jazz club. It was instantly clear how the theatre earned its name once I saw the room lit up by the warm glow of the table-top lanterns. Playing host to a variety of different performances throughout each touring itinerary, I heard that the Constellation Theatre never failed to attract an eager crowd each evening when the shows started. But, if you crave something more intimate, there was also the Horizon Lounge, the smaller Explorer Lounge and the Casino. I could easily picture myself luxuriating in each of them, whiling away the evening with a cocktail in hand!

If you would like to experience the wonders of a Regent Seven Seas Cruise, call our Travel Specialist for more information, expert recommendations, or to tailor-make your dream cruising holiday.