Secrets of a 6-Star Floating Palace: Revealed! - Part 2

Inspiring Travel Company | 3 Sep, 2019

Having already seen the gargantuan effort required to prepare Regent Seven Seas’ flagship vessel Seven Seas Explorer for a voyage, we re-join the ship on the final leg of its 4000 mile journey. Once again, the Channel 5 camera crews give us exclusive access to the secrets that maintain the reputation of this 6-star floating palace. The journey may be winding down, but the work has only just begun for the crew as they continue to reveal “The Secrets of the World’s Most Expensive Cruise Ship”.

Hidden from view while lucky passengers are busy relaxing, the 500 strong crew work tirelessly to maintain the luxurious ambiance that guests are accustomed to. With three staff members to every four guests, this is the pinnacle of service, and the staff up their game accordingly – pushing themselves for more and taking genuine pride in their work. Team leaders demand that the service and appearance of their charges is immaculate at all times. Right down to the smallest loose threads and most insignificant scuffs, the staff need to be as presentable and impressive as the ship itself.

With the guests soundly sleeping, the coast is finally clear for crew to launch into action. Kitchen staff fire up their stations and bake breakfast delicacies, craft delectable cakes, and prepare an entire army of room service trays. Everything public-facing has to be meticulously cleaned, including hulking chandeliers that have to be polished one sparkling crystal at a time. All of this unseen effort ensures that the atmosphere of impeccable luxury is maintained throughout the course of the journey, without guests ever seeing a fragment out of place.

All staff members approach their roles with great expertise and care, particularly when it comes to food and drink. Sommeliers require an in-depth knowledge of each and every vintage carried on the cruise so that discerning guests have their usual standards met. This added pressure to succeed creates a constant buzz of energy and anticipation amongst the staff. Nowhere more so than backstage amongst the performers of the incredible shows hosted aboard Seven Seas Explorer. The hard work and love that crew pour into each performance is inspiring. The same can be said for all Regent Seven Seas’ cruise staff, and this dedication is unquestionably one of the secrets of their success.

Preparation is clearly all-important to keeping the cruising waters calm. At the final dinner service of the voyage the planning comes together and guests enjoy a memorable meal without ever seeing the volume of effort that has gone into their experience. This seems to be one of the biggest secrets to Regent Seven Seas’ success – all of the hard work is done without the guest noticing, keeping them wrapped up in an environment of relaxation. The guests then depart with beaming smiles, having made unforgettable memories. Next week, the Channel 5 team take us back on board the Seven Seas Explorer as a new voyage begins, new challenges arise, and even more “Secrets of the World’s Most Luxury Cruise Ship” are revealed.

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