Secrets of a 6-Star Floating Palace: Revealed! - Part 3/4

Inspiring Travel Company | 10 Sep, 2019

As the world’s most elite floating hotel sets out on a 12-day cruise around the Baltic Sea, Scandinavia, and Russia, Channel 5 take us back behind the scenes of Regent Seven Seas’ Cruises flagship Seven Seas Explorer and reveal more “Secrets of the World’s Most Expensive Cruise Ship”. As new guests tread the gangway and enter the lap of cruising luxury the challenge of maintaining the flawless Seven Seas Explorer standards begins in earnest.

The first port of call for the diligent and dedicated staff is turning around all 375 opulent suites and staterooms ready for the new arrivals. Carrara marble bathrooms are polished, £1,000 Egyptian cotton sheets are changed, £100 goose-down pillows are fluffed, and finally a welcome blanket is laid gently atop £4,000 Italian mattresses – all completed at a rate of 10 minutes per suite to complete the task in time for embarkation. Staff hold themselves to incredibly high standards, particularly when preparing the £50,000 Regent Suite, the most expensive and luxurious suite on the sea. These decadent living quarters are as big as 15 regular suites combined and feature two bedrooms, a gold plated bathroom, and a master bed rumoured to be the same as the one used by the queen - which is fitting seeing as guests staying in the Regent Suite are treated like royalty.

Guests staying in the Regent Suite are afforded incredible perks including access to “The Study”, a dining room so exclusive that most staff on Seven Seas Explorer haven’t even been inside. In “The Study” guests can order from any of the 6 on-board restaurants, or request that chefs prepare any non-menu dishes that take their fancy. Personalized experiences like these set Seven Seas Explorer aside from the competition and allow VIP passengers to experience ultra-luxury exclusivity, with staff going out of their way to fulfil the passengers every need.

The first day of the cruise is spent at sea, giving guests the chance to settle in to their surroundings and revel in the splendour of the ship. The exclusive “sea-day brunch” buffet is a particular highlight with chefs beginning the preparation for countless gourmet dining options at 4AM and working tirelessly until everything is perfect. All hands are on deck contributing to the task in complete synergy and the genuine pride staff display for their work is a credit to Regent Seven Seas’ Cruises and is undoubtedly the biggest secret of their success. The stunning boutique found aboard the Seven Seas Explorer gives guests the chance to indulge in some retail therapy. Housing £3million worth of bespoke jewellery and only open while the ship is at sea, the boutique relies on sea-days to entice customers with duty-free sales, putting extra pressure on the staff to perform. However, with incredible service and an astonishing range of products, the odds seem to be very much in their favour.

Hearing guests say; “we thought it would be luxurious, but we had no idea it would be this luxurious,” provides a perfect summation of the Regent Seven Seas’ Cruises attitude. For the Seven Seas Explorer staff the best is not enough. They strive to go beyond the best and surpass expectations at every turn. Next week, in the final episode, the Channel 5 team take us behind the scenes of Seven Seas Explorer’s arrival into Russia, and as a new butler arrives on the ship and starts learning the “Secrets of the World’s Most Expensive Cruise Ship” alongside us, we will see what it takes to reach the immaculate Regent Seven Seas’ Cruises standards.

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