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Richard Nurse | 9 Feb, 2015

The weekly update from our Cape Town office Destination Manager, Richard Nurse… 

Greetings folks from a still (can you believe it?) sunny Cape Town. We really have been spoilt this summer. Plenty of sunshine and very little South Easter (our prevailing summer wind). 

This has seen lots of people flocking to our fabulous beaches and having barbecues in their gardens with families and friends. What are they eating? Well, there is always fresh fish to put on a barbecue (we call it a braai, pronounced bry). The best way, I think, to do a fresh piece of fish is to first clean your grid with a fresh piece of lemon. Cut a lemon in half and rub the lemon all over the grid. This will clean it and prevent the fish (or meat) sticking. When your coals are nice and hot place the fish, which you have had ‘butterflied’, flesh down on the grid for a minute then turn it over onto the skin side. Squeeze some fresh lemon juice over the white meat and after about 5 minutes, when tiny bubbles of juice start to appear, then it's ready. Whip it off and onto your plate and serve with a salad and an all important glass of cold white wine; either Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay, which all go well with a fresh piece of barbequed fish. A point to remember on the cooking side is that if you don't fancy lemon juice then olive oil will do the trick perfectly too. 

But what else has been happening here I hear you cry?! Well there is our wonderful horse racing season attracting thousands of people to some of our top race meetings on the Cape Town summer racing calendar. This past weekend saw the running of the J&B Metropolitan Handicap with some 30,000 people in attendance (that's a lot by our standards), 12 races on the cards, people dressed in all sorts of fabulous attire and an international DJ for the after party which carried on into the early hours of the morning. Something for everyone. This meeting is normally held on the last Saturday and is preceded by our other big meeting (The Queens Plate) run on the first weekend in January. Both meetings are a great experience for race goers and for those who just want to go for the craic, and guess what? We can get you there in the comfort of a hospitality facility through ITC Sports Travel or Horse Racing Abroad.

To end this week’s blog let me share something that happened to a family I know very well. We live in the small village of Kommetjie on the way to Cape Point and the village next to ours is Scarborough at the foot of the mountain. 

Well the mother wondered what all the commotion was in her kitchen at 2am on Sunday morning. Her husband was fast asleep as were her two children. So it was left to her to see what the noise was all about. On entering her kitchen she found that there were three young baboons having an egg fight (she had forgotten to close one of the windows) and had also emptied all the tins of sugar and flour onto the floor. She tried as hard as she could to chase them out and while doing so found one more sitting in her fridge. How did it all end?

Well when they had had enough and the egg supply had run out they got bored and walked out leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

Don't say we don't have fun down here in Cape Town! And there is still the cricket to come at the end of the year, so don’t wait too long before you book your flight as we are all looking forward to welcoming you to Cape Town. 

See you soon,