Top 5 Experiences in Malaysia

Alice Tetlow, Product Assistant | 6 Jul, 2018

Here at the Inspiring Travel Company we’re very proud of our portfolio; with destinations and places to stay across the globe, we’re experts in taking our clients to the most amazing, unforgettable and unique destinations around the world. Malaysia is one such place, and Product Assistant Alice Tetlow was lucky enough to journey there to discover the very best ways to experience the scenery, culture, cuisine, nature and people that make this such a special place…

Langkawi by jet-ski

I was astonished not just by Langkawi’s natural beauty, but by its friendly people and their way of life – seemingly so laidback with not a care in the world. I can understand why being surrounded by these incredible landscapes could put a smile on your face… this really is a hidden gem in paradise.

Could you guess how many islands Langkawi has? You might be surprised to discover that the archipelago is made up of an amazing 99 islands! Naturally, it would have been quite difficult to visit each and every island on my tour here, but I did manage to see eight of them! Many travellers choose to explore Langkawi by boat, but I think heading out on a jet-ski gives a unique perspective and more personal feel to your adventure.

Explore Dayang Bunting Island’s nature

Each island in Langkawi has its own story to tell and its own unique features. Dayang Bunting Island is also known as the Pregnant Maiden Island (because of its shape), and is known for its monkey population.

I couldn’t believe how many we saw, and with their cheeky confidence it was clear they are the kings of the jungle! But be warned – I was told by the guide that the monkeys are also known as pickpockets, and I soon learned this wasn’t just a myth when they made off with my Pringles. So, note to self, don’t trust a monkey no matter how adorable they look!

After monkeying around, we explored some of the island’s jaw-dropping natural beauty. Dayang Bunting separates the sea from a fresh spring water lake, and I was lucky enough to be able to hop in for a swim. This really is a magical island!

SkyCab Cable Car at Oriental Village

Malaysia is blessed with plenty of superb landscapes and unmissable scenery. For those with a head for heights keen to take in more of the country’s spectacular vistas, I would definitely recommend the SkyCab Cable Car excursion for amazing sea views. I would advise visitors with a fear of heights to consider giving this experience a miss, as this is the steepest cable car in the world, with over 4,000 metres of cables! The highest viewing point is 708 metres above sea level, at the peak of Machincang Mountain.

Umgawa Zipline Eco Canopy Tour

Adventure seekers and those with an urge to swing through the treetops like our monkey friends on Dayang Bunting Island will relish the Umgawa Zipline Eco Canopy Tour. Here, you can find your inner Tarzan, feel free as a bird and jump from tree to tree like nobody is watching!

You will find yourself surrounded by the amazing Geopark, an area known for its nature, geological history, rock formations and incredible landscapes. A real highlight here is soaring 80 metres high over the Seven Wells Waterfall.

Explore Kuala Lumpur – The City of Multiculturalism

Kuala Lumpur’s sights, sounds and smells are unforgettable. This is a captivating, bustling city that’s full of life and diverse culture. The city is influenced by Malay, Indian, Chinese and plenty more cultures, with Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism as the dominant religions. It is this diversity that has shaped the city into the vibrant metropolis it is today. Exploring the streets, you’ll come across countless street food stalls and other amazing sights, but make sure to keep looking up – some of the city’s most wonderful features are above eye-level. Some of my personal highlights of the cityscape were the iconic Petronas Twin Towers and The Royal Palace.

From the nature of the jungle of Langkawi to the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur, my adventure in Malaysia was fascinating, and really showcased the country’s diversity. There’s a wealth of experiences waiting to be discovered here, with something to suit every traveller – whether you’re a wildlife fan, city explorer, thrill-seeker or are simply searching for a stunning location perfect for getting away from it all.

To set out on your own Malaysian adventure, get in touch with our Inspiring Travel Specialists for a tailor-made quote and itinerary.

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