Top 5 World Cup Holiday Escapes

Inspiring Travel Company | 13 Jun, 2014

Luxury Holidays to Greece

The island of Crete provides wonderful dramatic coastlines and beaches on which to unwind and de-stress. The islands also provide travellers with some of the best food available in Europe from the welcoming and unique tavernas.

Hotels such as Elounda Gulf Villas provide guests with a truly five star holiday experience with spectacular views over the warm inviting seas as well as attentive service that will make your stay a perfect Greek luxury holiday escape.

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Sardinia June Holidays

Sardinia shares a similar identity to Sicily in that although its part of Italy, due to its close proximity to Africa it has a unique culture, history and landscape that makes it an ideal destination to find peace and tranquillity in a luxury setting during the 30 days of football fever.

The island boasts white sandy beaches and beautiful turquoise seas that are the envy of the Mediterranean.

Inland from the beauty of the coastal regions the interior of the island has similarly stunning landscapes made up of mountains, citrus groves and deep valleys. The weather during the World Cup will also be comfortably warm and relaxing.

The island also plays host to a variety of exquisitely furnished and located luxury hotels including:

  • Hotel Romazzino,
  • Hotel Cala Di Volpe,
  • Cervo Hotel and
  • Costa Smeralda Resort

all of which offer guests excellent dining and relaxing facilities such as infinity pools, seaside locations and five-star restaurants.

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Sicily Luxury Holidays

Although part of 2006 World Cup winners Italy's borders Sicily has a unique culture and identity all of its own which makes it an ideal location to engage the senses and experience its dramatic vistas.

Located off the boot of Italy, Sicily is where Africa meets Europe and thanks to its history borne of its location provides guests with architecture inspired by Arab, Europe and African cultures quite unlike anywhere else in the world.

The Verdura Golf & Spa Resort, which is situated on the south coast of the island and enjoys the cover of orange and lemon groves, is an exclusive resort that offers guests both the intimate surroundings of a luxury holiday resort as well as the dramatic views of the island on which it resides.

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Luxury Holidays to Marrakech

As Morroco failed to qualify for this year's World Cup in Brazil it would make the ideal location for travellers looking for an escape from the excesses of the much hyped football tournament.

The city of Marrakech in Morroco known as the 'red city' is a place where the old meets the new and is also a melting pot of African, European and Arabian cultures. It is full of life and offers visitors a wonderful opportunity to experience the dynamism and culture of attractions such as tearooms, luxury shops, restaurants in the modern areas of the city or the more authentic experiences of Arabo-Andalusian garden or the El-Badi Palace.

Four Seasons Marrakech offers guests wonderful views of the Atlas mountains in a laid back setting perfect for those wishing to relax this summer. Kasbah Tamadot was recently acquired by Richard Branson and is an emphatic walled complex ideal for guests looking to escape the inevitable quarter-final penalty disaster.

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Madeira Luxury Holidays

Even though this small and beautiful island, located in the Atlantic off the coast of Africa is the original home of the world's best footballer, Christiano Ronaldo, it also offers visitors a wonderful environment of scenery to relax and unwind in.

During the month of June, the island of Madeira's weather will be pleasantly warm due to its subtropical climate and therefore the weather never get too excessively hot. It is also surrounded by the Gulf Stream waters that will be comfortable inviting at this time of year.

One of the many benefits of a luxury Madeira holiday is the chance to explore the island's beautiful coastline and pebbled beaches. Further to the coast, the interior of the island offers visitors the chance to experience the verdant flora of the subtropical environment.

The colonial-style property of Belmond Reid's Palace is the ideal place to enjoy a luxury holiday on Madeira as it offers guests grand interiors and excellent views of the coastline as well as superb dining and bar facilities.

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