Underwater beauty in the Maldives

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Zoe Saunders | 17 Aug, 2016

At PER AQUUM Huvafen Fushi, a luxury private island resort in the Maldives, there are so many new experiences to be savoured. On my own stay here I was wowed by the combination of flawless service, innovation and attention to detail. On this island paradise there are no end of delights to encounter and on my recent stay, many of the highlights had one related to the beauty of the glistening Indian Ocean, which can be experienced in so many ways on a luxury holiday here.

Maldives 2

At 6pm each day you’ll see basking stingrays move to a specific part of the beach, where they know guests and staff are waiting to feed them every evening. Like clockwork these majestic creatures move up to the shore, accompanied by with the odd tiny black tip of a reef shark. You can then enter the water yourself to see them waiting for the dinner, and even snap a photograph or two if you are quick enough!

Stingray (1)

Maldives 4

Many of the guests were snorkelling but if, like me, that doesn’t come naturally to you, Huvafen Fushi have Zayaks for you to try. There are large floatation devices – ‘sea sleds’ - where you lie on your front a look through a glass panel. Like diving helmets, the Zayak’s viewing device is specially designed to block out all ambient light and distracting reflections, allowing your eyes to adjust and see the underwater environment in great detail. Zayaks are also perfect for exploring the house reef here, which is teeming with life and only a short swim away from the main pool. For me, this would be a ‘must do’ on a luxury family holiday  in the Maldives.

Maldives 3

Or for the ultimate in indulgent luxury, you can also view the aquatic life from the Maldives’ first underwater spa! The glass walls mean you can see all of this beauty in your treatment room. I enjoyed an amazing massage here and was able to watch the underwater world go by all the way through. A mirror was placed under the massage bed so while I was having my relaxing back massage I could see the fish swimming past, and then later I could sit up to see the reef too. It was the only massage I’ve ever had where I didn’t fall asleep because I was too busy gazing at the colourful fish and sharks! If you’re extra lucky, you might even see a sea turtle swim past.

With the glorious Indian Ocean surrounding this small island, and glass panels in the floor of the overwater villas, you never really need to venture far to enjoy the beautiful marine life on a stay at PER AQUUM Huvafen Fushi.

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