Wellness in Nevis

Madeleine Cross, Marketing Manager | 21 Jun, 2018

Though 2018 has been named the official Year of Health and Wellness, the people of Nevis live this experience year in, year out; the island is bursting with natural beauty and living well is the authentic Nevisian way of life. Marketing Manager Madeleine Cross recently visited the island and discovered just how easy and enjoyable it is to immerse yourself in the healthy Nevis lifestyle. Read on to discover her review of the island paradise…

Where to Stay

The luxurious Four Seasons Resort and Paradise Beach sit just outside Pinney’s Beach on the Caribbean side of the island, with Nisbet Plantation Beach Club enjoying romantic views across the ocean on the Atlantic side. I stayed at the historic Montpelier Plantation, which sits 750 metres above sea level and has impressive views of the ocean as well as the dramatic backdrop of Nevis Peak, From my suite, I could even spot St Kitts in the distance.

Getting Around

As Nevis is a relatively small island, it is easy to get around by taxi to anywhere on the island, but a much more enjoyable (and healthy!) way of exploring is on foot or by bike. Most hotels offer bicycles for guests and can recommend areas of interest to visit.

During my stay, I enjoyed several walks to get to know the island better. A favourite route was a gentle stroll between Charlestown and Pinney’s Beach, where I recommend visiting the artisan village and enjoying a refreshing drink at the beach – perhaps sampling Nevis’s famous ‘Killer Bee’ cocktail.

Keeping Active

Swimming is a great way to keep active whilst still relaxing on Nevis. The crystal-clear Caribbean Sea is incredibly inviting and calm enough to entice any level of swimmer. From Montpelier’s beach you can swim along the coast alongside brown pelicans and tropical fish, and then head back to the pool to get in a few laps before dinner.

Tennis is also excellent here. With courts that overlook the ocean, your greatest challenge will be keeping your eye off the view and on the ball. Those looking for more adventure can also hike around Nevis Peak – although if you want to climb to the summit definitely get a guide, as the highest point is a staggering 3,232 feet above sea level! The Nevisian landscape is also perfect for hiking, running, mountain biking, cycling and horseback riding.


When it comes to relaxation, Nevis truly is a tropical paradise. The island isn’t over-populated or over-built – no building can be higher than the tallest palm tree – so there is a sense of tranquillity. I enjoyed this most when lying on the beach with the sounds of the gently lapping waves and birds soaring overhead. With so much peace and quiet on offer, you can fully immerse yourself in island life and easily spend an entire day at the beach or by the pool (topped off with a local rum cocktail).

Getting Back to Nature

For me, the best part of Nevis is that wherever you are on the island you really feel immersed in nature, which goes a long way to help focus on wellness while you’re here. The island is incredibly lush and this is exemplified in places like the Botanical Gardens, which showcase the diverse flora, but is also evident in nearby Montpelier Plantation’s tropical gardens and palm-lined walkways.


After a day of swimming, walking or even just relaxing you’ll be ready to sample some of Nevis’ delicious cuisine. Nevis honey is a fabulous natural sweetener, while the fact that there’s an entire festival dedicated to the mango (5 – 8 July this year) shows just how great the island’s fruit is! You can’t go wrong with the local seafood, and to really experience the local cuisine I would recommend a visit to the romantic Bananas or the hidden gem Passion Bar & Grill.

Why Stay on Nevis

Nevis is the perfect destination for those looking for an authentic Caribbean experience and those who wish to focus on wellness; getting into the healthy local lifestyle is effortless. Perfect for both families and couples, there is plenty to do on the island to keep active, as well as lots of opportunities to unwind. After a week on this beautiful island you will feel truly refreshed and ready to take on the world. 2018 maybe the Year of Health and Wellness, but Nevis is a destination I’d return to any year.

If you’re inspired by Madeleine’s blog and want to take part in the Nevis Year of Health and Wellness, please contact our team for a bespoke quote.


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