Where's Hot in February

Inspiring Travel Company | 12 Nov, 2019

February is a month for romantics, but rain and chilly weather in the UK is a bit of a mood-killer.

We’ve put together a selection of the best destinations to head to in February for some sunshine and unforgettable experiences. You don’t have to be in any sort of Valentine’s mood to enjoy these holidays – there’s something for everyone in our collection.

Escape the January blues and jump right into a sunny February by reading this special list to discover some of the best places to visit in February.

Don’t wait too long – February is the shortest month in the year after all, so prepare early by giving our Travel Specialists a call to start booking your dream trip.

Argentina - 28°

Visitors to Argentina in February will find the country bathed in sunshine at the height of the summer.

Buenos Aires can be hot this time of year, but the jaw-dropping landscapes of Patagonia are at their best, and there are a host of exhilarating outdoor adventures to be had.Iguazu Falls In Argentina Stay in Bariloche for a mix of picture-perfect views and trips to enjoy skiing, trekking, rafting, kayaking and more. You’re unlikely to find views much more impressive than those at Los Glaciares National Park, where huge icebergs calve off from imposing glaciers into turquoise waters.

If glaciers aren’t your thing, perhaps the bustle of Buenos Aires will fit the bill; the city can feature on any tour of South America, which can be fully tailor-made and transports travellers through the continent’s highlights – including:

  • Peru,
  • Bolivia,
  • Argentina and
  • Brazil.

Both Peru and Bolivia have a warm climate in February, with highs of around 27°. This tour is a wonderful opportunity to not only experience Argentina but also to visit more incredible South American destinations all in one holiday.

Top Experience: Don't miss out on the visceral display of nature that is Iguazu Falls.

Iguazu Falls in Argentina

Iguazu Falls in Argentina

Sri Lanka - 31°C

February is the perfect time to visit Sri Lanka. Average temperatures in the capital city Colombo hover around the 28°C mark. The small island’s weather varies region to region, but visitors in February will avoid the torrential rains of monsoon season and be greeted with warm sunshine.

The 4th of February is Sri Lanka’s Independence Day, so keep an eye out for lively parades.

There are many types of holidays and experiences to enjoy in Sri Lanka – try a wildlife tour to Yala or Minneriya National Parks, head to cosmopolitan Colombo for excellent shopping, dining and culture, or dive into Sigiriya or Anuradhapura to learn about the island’s amazing history.

Top Experience: Catching a game of cricket at the scenic Galle International Stadium will provide you with both incredible views and an opportunity to experience a national pastime of Sri Lanka.

Sigiriya Rock Fortress is a great Sri Lanka sight

Don't miss out on Sirigiya Rock fortress when visiting Sri Lanka in February

Iceland - 3°C

While not literally ‘hot’, holidays to Iceland in February can be incredibly rewarding (remember to pack your thermals!)

The icy winters make for some spectacular views, and while the days are short, catching even a glimpse of the natural wonders to be found here make it more than worth it. Dark winter nights are the best backdrop for spotting the famous northern lights.

February is also one of the best times to go whale watching in Iceland; in recent years orcas have been spotted close to the shore in Grundarfjördur.

Reykjavik is a welcoming and charming city, from which the scenic Golden Circle is easily reached. Whilst in Iceland, take full advantage of the Iceland Private Northern Lights Hunt. During the hunt you are taken out in a luxury jeep where there is no light pollution for the ultimate northern lights experience, with views so dreamy it could make any iceberg melt.

Top Experience: Perhaps even more bucket list-worthy than the Northern Lights, discovering Gulfoss in its wintry majesty is a sight to behold.

Northern Lights Iceland

Not 100% guaranteed but February gives you a greater chance of seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland

Vietnam - 17°C

The festival of T?t celebrates the arrival of spring according to the Vietnamese Calendar and usually takes place in late January or February.

While many shops and restaurants close during the festival, the colourful celebrations involving eye-catching processions are a spectacular experience.

Vietnam’s weather can be hard to predict year-round, but February usually brings warmer temperatures and less rainfall than other times in the year. Hanoi has a thriving culinary scene alongside luxury hotels and intriguing architecture. For a picturesque beach getaway try Nha Trang, or for a city full of atmospheric charm and history head to Hue.

Top Experience: You can't visit Vietnam without tasting Pho!

Nha Trang Vietnam

Nha Trang VietnamNha Trang in Vietnam will warm you up in February

Phuket - 34°C

Fancy abandoning the scarves and gloves?

Phuket in Thailand is exceptionally hot in February which provides you with the ultimate winter sun escape. Whilst in Phuket be sure to visit the Wat Chalong and Phuket Temples. Steeped in Thai culture, the temples are beautifully decorated with reflective sparkling glass pieces, golden buddhas and stunning floral arrangements.

Phuket Thailand

Escape to Phuket this February

For those who prefer soaking up the sun rather than the culture, Phuket has some of the lushest and most perfectly scenic beaches in the world – including the aptly named Paradise Beach. Sit on your own little slice of golden heaven as you indulge in some ‘me time’ on the white sandy beach and dip a toe in crystal-clear waters! if you can’t decide on just one beach to go to, island hopping is the perfect solution for taking in as much of Thailand as possible on your luxury holiday. West Phuket offers plenty of opportunities to explore multiple tropic islands on one trip – talk about the holiday of a lifetime.

Top Experience: Delve deep into Thai culture by visit the temples in Phuket.

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