Why Bahrain is a first-class choice

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Zoe Saunders | 1 Aug, 2016

When I was offered the opportunity to travel to Bahrain I have to admit that my first thought was “is it safe?” followed by “what’s in Bahrain?”!

However, having just returned I can honestly say that Bahrain is such a hidden gem of the Middle East. Direct flights with British Airways and Gulf Air in 6 hours 40 minutes from London, or just 1 hour 15 minutes from Dubai, make the island of Bahrain easily accessible and once you’re there you’ll discover a country unlike any other in the region.


Firstly, and a big one for me, there are bars and nightclubs outside of the hotels due to the country’s more relaxed alcohol laws. The hotels can recommend amazing restaurants to visit, along with tours of the city (there is some incredible architecture, both old and new), a visit to the mosque, and even an evening trip out to the desert. Of course ITC Sports Travel can also arrange tickets to the F1 Grand Prix too.


I was lucky enough to stay at The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain over a weekend which is when it’s popular with local people who come for the fantastic food, a few cocktails and to dance the night away. It has a real buzz about it, without being loud, thanks to the spacious grounds. There’s a choice of rooms and suites, but the ultimate accommodation type is the villas which are in their own private area, with their own pools and right on the beach.


So to answer my initial worries – is it safe? Yes, an evening spent walking around the local estate was completely safe and the locals were unfazed by us, only paying attention to ensure that we had tasted the local coffee! In fact, I have never been so warmly welcomed in the Middle East as I was in Bahrain.


And, what’s in Bahrain? Culture, history, architecture, F1, amazing food, city and desert close to each other, fantastic hotels (along with Ritz-Carlton there’s also a Four Seasons, and a One&Only currently being built). Plus, as it receives less visitors than Dubai and Abu Dhabi it’s really good value for money too.

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