Last Minute Luxury Holidays

Booking last minute doesn't mean you have to compromise on luxury. At ITC our strong relationships with some of the world's top hotels means we're always in a position to offer you a fantastic deal in a stellar setting.

Our Last Minute Luxury Holidays

One of the most liberating experiences a couple or family can enjoy is to embark on a last minute, impulsive luxury holiday to either a culturally rich and engaging destination full of fine restaurants, historical sites and museums or escape to a relaxing, sun-drenched beachside setting where the only decision is what to have for lunch or which cocktail to try next.

The spontaneity of such holidays is partly what makes them so enjoyable, and ultimately memorable, as they reveal our innate impulse to travel, explore and experience new and different cultures as well as find time to reflect and relax in some of the world's most luxurious and beautiful settings.

At the Inspiring Travel Company our Travel Specialists provide our clients with bespoke and tailored itineraries that satisfy their every request and requirement, however we also recognise the desire for an impulsive last minute escape and so have identified our best offers for travel in the next four weeks. Click the button below and select the month you wish to travel in, to filter our vast range of luxury offers.

Advice on booking a last minute luxury holiday

In order to assist you in choosing and ultimately booking a luxury last minute holiday offer, we have collated some areas of advice we feel are important to consider when assessing the value of this kind of escape.

Be flexible

The most important advice to consider is to try and be as flexible as possible with the details of your luxury holiday. For example, savings can often be made on the overall cost of a holiday if your flights are scheduled midweek or early on a Monday morning or late at night. Equally, if you're able to travel outside a destination's peak season and crucially, outside the UK school holidays, then the cost of your holiday will be reduced. Other considerations include your choice of departure airport, as flexibility around the geographical location of the airport may result in cost savings. Finally, you will often find more value for money on your luxury holiday if you take a two week holiday rather than seven nights as the average daily cost of your holiday could be reduced.

Added extras

At the Inspiring Travel Company we pride ourselves on obtaining many added extras for our clients that make a holiday even more memorable including Champagne on arrival, private transfers, plus free meals or discounted drinks at a resort's restaurants and bars. It’s important to consider the additional value the added extras we source contribute to the overall worth of your luxury holiday.

Try something new

You may love to travel to the Amalfi Coast for your summer holidays but don't let that stop you from trying the similarly impressive coastal experiences of Croatia's Dalmatian Coast. Equally, if sunning yourself on an exotic and tranquil beach is the kind of luxury holiday you enjoy then try swapping your traditional Maldives escape with a visit to Grenada or Barbados. The key recommendation is to be open to new destinations and cultures, safe in the knowledge that all of the properties in the Inspiring Travel Company portfolio are of the highest luxury standard and have been visited by our team of experienced Travel Specialists, who will be happy to answer any questions you have before you book.