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Set sail with a Seabourn cruise which will take you into the very heart of stunning global destinations, from Barcelona to Burma, Singapore to St Lucia. Designed for up to 600 guests, these intimate ships blend glamorous elegance, impeccable service and exquisite cuisine.


For the last 30 years, guests onboard Seabourn vessels have enjoyed an atmosphere that feels more like a private club than a cruise. Seabourn’s fleet includes five vessels that carry privileged travellers to some of the most desirable destinations on earth in consummate comfort and sophisticated ease. Seabourn Odyssey, Seabourn Quest and Seabourn Sojourn accommodate 458 guests, offering a personal feel and relaxed ambience.

The newest ship, Seabourn Encore, launched in January 2017 and was joined by sister ship Seabourn Ovation in May 2018. Both ships are on a slightly larger scale, accommodating 600 guests, but offering the same levels of space and service, with staff to guest ratios close to 1:1.


Itineraries span the globe, from the North Polar ice pack to the White Continent of Antarctica. From April until October the ships ply the waterways of Europe. Or why not sail further afield with a trip to Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Australia or New Zealand? You can also bask among the yachtsmen’s harbours of the idyllic Caribbean, sail Canada and New England’s scenic coasts, explore the Amazon Forest and survey the spectacular Chilean fjords and panoramic Patagonia.

Seabourn’s partnership with UNESCO means these voyages carry guests to some of the world’s most incredible, iconic and important places; over 170 World Heritage Sites have been included on itineraries so far.

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