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This archipelago of 700 islands is well known as a playground for the rich and famous, showcasing beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, fine dining, and an overall glamorous image. Yet it is also the perfect retreat for families, with an abundance of brilliant opportunities to keep a smile on everyone’s face.

What you do on a Bahamas family holiday depends on two things; which island you choose and what you fancy doing! At the iconic Atlantis Paradise Island there is literally something for everyone; spas, sports, a teens’ nightclub and a 1,411 acre waterpark are just a few examples of the thrills that await. Here you can swim with dolphins and enjoy a plethora of meal options – meaning even the most fussy eaters are sure to find something they like!

If you’re a foodie family, you won’t be disappointed either. Unsurprisingly fish and seafood feature heavily in Bahamian cuisine so be sure to get yourself along to a traditional ‘fish fry’ (a sort of street barbeque) or sample delicacies at one of the many excellent restaurants.

For a more secluded family break, though, choose somewhere like One&Only Ocean Club. This resort was used as a location for a James Bond film, and with its stunning natural surrounds and luxurious feel it’s not hard to see why!

Wherever you choose, the Inspiring Travel Company will do all we can to make it a Bahamas family holiday to remember.

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