Guest Ranch Holidays

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Enjoy the classic Western way of life on a guest ranch holiday; stay at a traditional ranch in beautiful surroundings and experience the cowboy lifestyle.

Enjoy horse riding across prairies, fields and rolling hills, indulge in a hearty supper around the campfire and enjoy swimming and hiking around your ranch.

Guest ranch holidays are well-suited for families and couples as well as single travellers and offer a variety of activities to enjoy throughout your stay. Here you’ll find comfortable accommodation and enjoy friendly hospitality as you immerse yourself in the lifestyle and take in the stunning scenery to be found at our ranches.

The vast North American countryside makes for a picturesque backdrop for your riding adventures, and on your holiday you’ll have the chance to marvel at the magnificent scenery and enjoy your natural surroundings. Our guest ranches are usually smaller than resort ranches, offering an intimate and authentic experience.

Of course, guest ranches are focussed primarily on riding, but there are plenty of other activities to keep you entertained throughout your stay. Many of the ranches have swimming pools, and you could also enjoy tennis, volleyball, basketball, fishing and hiking. Of course, taking part in a traditional sing-along around the campfire (perhaps with a marshmallow or two to toast) is part of the quintessential ranch experience.

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