Short Breaks

Whisk a loved one away for a romantic weekend; spend a few days soaking up the culture of a great city; or simply escape to the sun for some much needed 'me time'. Short breaks can be a tonic for the soul.


One of my favourite pastimes is mapping out the 'vacational horizon' for the months to come. A fortnight of exploration here, a week to fly and flop on that beach there - and then all those delicious long weekends in between.

A luxury short break can be like the much needed espresso that gets you through a morning of meetings, a necessary re-energiser when time is of the essence; or the indulgent chocolate dessert you really didn't need, but which made a meal all the more memorable. Weekends away add spice to life, each 48 or 72 hours spent absorbing a different culture adding an experience to the memory bank to be savoured again and again.

As a lifestyle writer I've been whisked all over the world on mini trips designed to get to the essence of a place in as short a time as possible, be it three days in Miami or a day trip to Paris. I've come to the conclusion that there's no such thing as a short stay - no matter how pressed for time you find yourself, with the right planning and a mind that's open and ready to drink it all in, every departure can become an adventure.

Of course, the more luscious the hotel, the more fabulous your weekend wardrobe and entertaining your companion the better - so select all carefully. The diverse selection of properties in this portfolio is designed to whet your appetite for cultural travel, and put ideas in your head. Dive in, and you'll have seen the world in no time. Just don't forget your camera.

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