Mahali Mzuri

Mahali Mzuri

Sir Richard Branson opened his Kenyan Safari Camp in 2013, in collaboration with the local Maasai communities.

Mahali Mzuri aims to leave as minimal a footprint as possible on the land and to promote low density tourism which creates less pressure on the environment. Accommodation is in tented suites close to all the action. Each one sits on a raised platform and includes a spacious bedroom with an en suite bathroom, sitting area and a large deck with views over the landscape - perfect for spotting the game that will almost certainly wander into view!

After a hard day’s safari you can relax and unwind with a Nasaro spa treatment – Nasaro meaning 'refuge' or 'relaxation' in Maa. A range of treatments are available, from facials to massages.

Dining is an experience in itself, with bush barbecues and Champagne picnics and a wide selection of African dishes on the menu.  All meals and drinks including alcohol and Champagne are included in your stay.

Activities centre on the fabulous setting – community trips to learn more about the Maasai, a walking safari, hot air balloon ride, and of course full day excursions into the park to see the abundance of exceptional wildlife.