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Largely an unexplored tourist destination, a luxury Mozambique holiday is the perfect way to really get back to basics and enjoy the African way of life.

Mozambique holidays offer some of the best beaches in Africa, strung out across 2,500 kilometres of Indian Ocean coastline and completely unspoilt by development.

Rich in culture and natural beauty, holidays to Mozambique are the ideal culmination of a safari or adventure break elsewhere in Southern Africa, as connections to Mozambique are relatively straightforward. Travellers in the know choose this off-the-radar destination over the islands of the Indian Ocean because of its vibrant Portuguese influences and African feel, combined with a chilled-out atmosphere that invites all who visit to just kick back and relax.

While its seafaring traditions go back centuries, modern travellers are only just rediscovering this amazing country, which spent many years in exile after decades of civil war followed by tumultuous acceptance of democracy. One positive to take from Mozambique’s turbulent past is its unspoilt nature and the fact that it’s well off most tourist maps, a crying shame due to the many amazing offerings it has for those who make the effort to visit. The landscape is characterised by long, wide beaches of the softest white sand and well-preserved coral reefs where shoals of colourful fish swim freely through turquoise waters. In the north of the country remote paradisiacal archipelagos with boutique lodges lie just offshore, while in the south you’ll find excellent surfing spots. Dhows with billowing sails glide along the coast, and inland you’ll discover colonial architecture, lively nightlife and verdant bush.

Some of the most popular regions to visit are the two archipelagos of Bazaruto and Quirimbas. The remote Quirimbas Islands can be found in the north, where ecotourism takes a precedent and divers will find remote beaches and empty waters. Portugal’s former administrative capital, Ibo Town, can be found here and acted as a vital trading post for over 500 years. The ruins of the once-grand empire are impressive, with imposing villas and forts scattered across Ibo Island. In the south, the Bazaruto Archipelago is the more popular island chain, easy to reach from the mainland via short connecting flights or boat journeys.

Growing in popularity is the Lagoon Coast. Sandwiched between Maputo to the north and the South African border to the south, this area combines well with Kruger National Park and safari holidays.

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