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Relax on the Indian Ocean Coastline and Enjoy Stunning Beaches.

The Lagoon Coast is aptly named, with its many estuaries and inlets creating an abstract pattern along the coast that looks like a lost paradise from above.

This area of Mozambique covers the most southerly stretch of Indian Ocean coastline and reaches as far as the border with South Africa, covering some 500 kilometres. Because of its close proximity to the capital, Maputo, many Lagoon Coast holidays are combined with a stopover in the city. Some of the resorts can be accessed from the capital by helicopter, negating the need for lengthy (and bumpy) road transfers.

Resorts along the coast have prime views of the beautiful beaches with sand the colour of clotted cream and a texture just as soft. Sheltered lagoons make for gentle waves and the perfect conditions for swimming – the only sound you’ll hear is the quiet puttering of a fishing boat and the soporific ebb and flow of the Indian Ocean waves.

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