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Experience Natural Beauty and Peaceful Tranquillity in Quirimbas Archipelago

Where do you go to escape the trappings of modern life and experience blissful solitude? We have the answer: Quirimbas. The Quirimbas Archipelago is made up of 32 tiny coral islands cast adrift in the Indian Ocean, miles from anywhere and only a handful are permanently inhabited.

Communities within the archipelago are supported mainly by fishing, which is still done from elegant dhows and canoes: you’ll often spot the billowing sails of a dhow crossing the horizon, returning at sunset with a fresh catch. The islands are so far from the capital, Maputo, that the most popular language ceases to be Portuguese, and Swahili is more widely-spoken. The islands’ capital is Ibo, a peaceful place where dilapidated streets are lined with once-grand villas and old colonial houses that surround the tiny port. If you’re interested in the region’s history, take some time to explore the Portuguese, Swahili, Indian and African influences on this mysterious island where time appears to have stood still.

In recent years sustainable tourism has reached the islands; many of the lodges here provide employment to local people and conservation has become a key concern for the region, with the Quirimbas National Park providing protection to a large area in the south of the archipelago. Most visitors to the Quirimbas Archipelago will choose to stay on the established islands, such as Quilálea or Vamizi. These islands are home to golden beaches and hidden coves, with snorkelling and diving close to the shore and impressive coral reefs providing protection for lagoon swimming.

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