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Enjoy Views of the Indian Ocean and Deep Forests, Alongside Creole Charm and History.

The most wildly beautiful area of Reunion is the Wild South, where the deep emerald green of the lush forests clashes magnificently with the vibrant blue of the Indian Ocean. While the lush vegetation appears to blanket the area, holidays to Reunion’s Wild South will enable you to visit the tiny villages that are hidden in pockets within the trees. Visiting these settlements feels like a step back in time, where the Creole traditions have remained alongside the old-fashioned houses which are imbued with charm and history. Saint-Phillipe is the largest town, with a few restaurants and guesthouses.

Parts of the land are still scorched after the most recent eruption of the island’s active volcano, when streams of lava flowed across the scorched earth and cut through the roads near Le Tremblet, one of the main settlements of the south. Some of the lava flows are yet to fully cool, and the next eruption could be just around the corner.

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