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Tiny Príncipe is the second largest of the São Tomé and Príncipe archipelago, home to a mere 7,000 people and just 19 kilometres long. The island can be reached by a 30-minute flight from the main island of São Tomé, and is in many ways a smaller, less developed version of its larger counterpart. There are a few old roças from the cocoa plantation boom scattered around, however Príncipe feels utterly unspoilt, bursting with lush greenery and amazing flora that carpets the island from tip to toe, apart from the airport and the small port town on the northern coast.

Nature rules this island, from its dense jungle to its wide sandy beaches. Great hulking masses of rock punctuate the forest, giving it an appearance not too dissimilar to Jurassic Park, although its endemic species are a lot less bloodthirsty than the dinosaurs. The island is home to many rare birds, including the Dward olive ibis, São Tomé fiscal and the grosbeak, and is a great spot for watching humpback whales and nesting turtles from afar. The island was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2013 thanks to its rich biodiversity, and recent upgrades to infrastructure have made it easier to visit than ever before.

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