Tsala Treetops

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Tsala Treetops

According to local legend, a race known as ‘the beautiful people’ first came here, using local stone, wood and even gold to fashion a fabulous settlement rich in vines, fruits, fish, oysters and honey. Although the original beautiful people may be long gone, today’s international elite are discovering this glorious destination anew.

In local tongue Tsala means ‘the elevated resting place’, an apt description of this luxurious lodge which rises high above the forest floor. Raised wooden walkways meander through the trees to link the main lodge, with its congenial lounges, library and dining rooms, to the magnificent private suites.

Each is stunningly designed, blending the craftsmanship of ancient times with modern convenience. Open stonework and rich woods abound, sumptuous bathrooms feature a huge stone bath and a private ‘negative edge’ pool appears to flow into the forest.

In the panoramic restaurant, Eastern and European flavours complement local African specialities to present an imaginative dining experience. Through the dining room’s glass floor panels one can watch the vintage wines being brought up from the cellar below. Superb recreations include massages in your suite, horseriding, and nearby golf.

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